Personal Coaching

Ten Steps to Discovering and Living the Most Loveable You!  (With Sass, Courage, Spunk, Determination and Attitude –aka Moxie)

Through this ten week personal coaching program you will discover the authentic lovable you that you were born to be and embrace. You will stop licking your wounds and jump into the ring and overcome the lousy stuff you have dealt with in a manner that screams – Moxie – sass, courage, spunk, determination and attitude.

You will learn to put yourself first and why that is so important. Discovering your passions that are buried deep below the skin and celebrating them is an integral part of your self-love journey. You will discover how to let go of your control and realize that the only changes to be made by you are within yourself. You will create and practice self-love affirmations and truly learn how to be good to yourself at all times with positive self-talk. Being grateful for all life’s riches is so easy to do and feels so wonderful – you will create a journal to live by.

Meditation, visualization, practicing assertiveness and setting your boundaries will all compliment the new authentic lovable you. Once this is accomplished, you will be free to appreciate your riches and utilize life’s abundance. This is your entire God given right as a woman – you just need a little water on the seeds that you were given at birth.


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