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Tamara Elizabeth, noted author of “Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! – Discovering My Lovable Me”, contributing author to the “Your Fantastic Life” Telesummit , and a best selling co-author of anthology, “Girl Get Your Fight Back!” is available to speak at your next empowerment gathering.

Tamara Elizabeth is a self love transformational coach and Master Motivator of women in transition. She empowers women to look into the mirror and reflect the fabulously lovable selves. She strives to find the humor in life and you will find your experience very positive – the ride of your life. Do you want to discover how to empower yourself, and reflect upon your own journey to self love? Do yourself the favor, contact Tamara below  – It is setting an intention towards your goal.

Tamara Elizabeth enthusiastically shares her  experiences in her journey to mid -life. The pain of her challenges will be balanced with the humor of the hurdles to success.


“Lessons learned are gifts to be shared so that others will be empowered to get back in the ring and fight to achieve their success.”

Worksheets will be provided for a hands-on experience. Tamara Elizabeth believes that interaction is important to any self-discovery process. There will be time for Q & A to follow.


Schools, churches, colleges, women’s groups, self-help organizations, non-profit groups

Speaking Fees/Honorarium

Please contact for quote/ Discounts for non-profit

Subjects she currently speaks to include:

5 tips On Overcoming Challenging Situations – Turning a Crisis into a Blessing

 1.    Open Your Eyes To The Lesson

A challenging transition can blind you to the “Aha” moment at hand. Any challenge masks the lessons that are before us. We may not understand the “why” and the lesson that is attached. But with time the lesson screams to us to listen and take notes. Every challenge is a chance to learn, grow and move forward.   

2.    Savor Your Blessings

A crisis is no a crutch or stumbling block meant to ripple you in your tracks. A crisis is blessing in masquerade. These blessings are gifts that bring about resolutions that promise greater comfort to our souls.

3.    Keep Walking Forward

Comfort Zone be damned. Refuse to stay comfortable and in the familiar even if it appears easier. Refocus your energies and view every situation in the positive and put one foot in front of the other and grow – blossom to your fullest potential. Step over the thresh-hold of your zone and walk proudly in the direction you are meant to walk.

4.    Let Go – Release Expectations!

Set your goals but release all expectations of how you think you will attain them. So keep an open mind and go with the flow – get out of the universe’s way. It might very well have something better in store for you.

5.    Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear

Don’t let the monster of fear rear its ugly head and keep you steadfast in the familiar. Practice courage and roar wit your lion heart. Become a full-fledged member of the fearless. Doing something that you are afraid of helps you grow. Defy the odds and do it anyway – one tiny step at a time.

Other Topics of Interest:

Being Grateful


Love Yourself

How To Moximize Yourself

Strong Mind

Media Interviews

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