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“Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! – Discovering My Lovable Me”

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Tamara Elizabeth

Master Motivator for Women in Transition



Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! – Discovering My Lovable Me


Vancouver, BC, May 1 2011, Author, certified self-love coach and mentor, Tamara Elizabeth, has written, based on her life’s journey, a story of a woman who has discovered how through her reflections, her truly fabulously lovable self; the authentic self that’s she was born to be, possessing moxie like the trail blazing women of the 20’s.


Today, she is a confident, lovable courageous woman who realizes that fairytales don’t always have the ending of childrens books, but they can have the ending and continuation of what we truly want and believe. She has sass, courage, spunk, determination and attitude.


This book is the result of hard work and perseverance of Tamara Elizabeth on a self-love journey. It is a collection of 33 essays that are the Past – Seeing the Past For What It Was, Present – The Present Lovable Self, and Future- Looking Into Life’s Future Path, reflections of her life. This collection in the form of a workbook will show readers how to deal with changing life’s past, stepping outside your comfort zone, inner beauty, discovering your passions, saying what you desire, being thankful, manifesting the universe’s abundance, discovering why we need rules and boundaries, and much more.


The book offers reflective questions and a journal page to write ideas and thoughts down on. These personal reflections of her reader can be implemented into their usual routine day by day. This is a very powerful process and each reader will discover many “Ah Ha” moments as they work through their journey.


Tamara Elizabeth is the voice of her reader – The “me” is their voice. She speaks as you. She has been where you have travelled. She has finished licking her wounds and has jumped back into the ring. She is truly MOXIMIZED! She invites you into her world and to reflect upon your world. Enjoy the journey –she promises you it will be the most fabulously wonderful ride of your life.


Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It – Discovering My Lovable Me is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. If you wish a preview copy, please email your request along with your contact information including address and phone number to Tamara Elizabeth,

To find out more about Tamara Elizabeth, you are invited to visit her official website:


Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It – Discovering My Lovable Me

Tamara Elizabeth

Self -help with original Illustrations by Zenija Esmits

Paperback ISBN 978-0-9830648-0-0

Kindle ISBN 978-0-9830648-1-7

# 124 pages

Publisher: Trail Blazing Press



About The Book


This is my story, a story of a woman who has discovered how through my reflections, the truly fabulously lovable me; the authentic me that I was born to be. I have moxie like the trail blazing women of the 20’s.

Today I am a confident, lovable courageous woman who realizes that fairy-tales don’t always have the ending of childrens books, but they can have the ending and continuation of what we truly want and believe. I have sass, courage, spunk, determination and attitude.

This book is the result of hard work and perseverance on a self-love journey. It is the reflection of my life and from these reflections I have created a workbook for you, the readers, to assist you on your own journey to find the most authentic lovable you. I am your voice. I speak as you. I have been where you have traveled. I have finished licking my wounds and jumped back into the ring. I am MOXIMIZED!

My reflections shared are not to place blame on anyone in my path, for I take responsibility for my reactions to every challenge I have come across in my life. I just want you to understand that I have walked in your shoes and have never given up. You can restart your life at any time you want and still succeed in whatever you desire. This is not always easy but if it was then the journey wouldn’t be quite as exciting. “Easy is never fun” – to quote my fabulously delicious self love coach.

So I invite you into my world and to reflect upon your world. Enjoy the journey – I promise you it will be the most fabulously wonderful ride of your life.


Book Title


Full Title:                      Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! -Discovering My Lovable Me


Author:                        Tamara Elizabeth


Publisher:                    Trail Blazing Press


Release Date:              May 1 2011


Category:                    Self-Help



Paperback 978-0-9830648-0-0

Kindle 978-0-9830648-1-7



Formats/editions:                 Paperback and Kindle


Price: Paperback $22.99

Kindle $9.99


Please mail copy of review to:


Tamara Elizabeth

406-555 Franklyn St

Nanaimo, BC Canada

WK: 866.667.0584


Interview Questions


What’s the strongest message a woman will get from reading your book?


You have chosen a very interesting and quite unusual format for your book (essays / workbook). Why?


What’s the most important thing every woman should know about herself and her life?


What was your strongest self-discovery when you were writing the book?


Would you recommend writing as a form of therapy? Why?


How does your book help, encourage and guide women in difficult life situations?


What three things will a woman learn from reading your book to help her travel through an uncomfortable transition?


What types of challenges will a woman be able to resolve by reading your book?


Can you tell us more about the vision behind this powerful book?


Was any of the essays difficult to write because of the emotions /

experiences attached to it?


What would you say to a woman who has just purchased your book and is getting ready to read the first page?


What would you say to a woman who has just finished reading your book?



Tip Page

You Are Fabulous at Any Age!


Reflect on the stages in your life that has let you to this point: Jot each one down and write the positives you learned from experiencing each. Refocus your thinking so that even unpleasant stages can be seen from a positive energy. Every situation and challenge happened as it was meant to because you are here to learn from our experiences. So look as each stage of your life as a gift to be opened and displayed on your shelf of successes.


Reflect on how you handle criticism: Do you receive criticism without feelings of hurt or rejection? Do you realize that a criticism is just a judgment based on anothers prerequisites for living? A criticism does not make you a “bad” person, it might contain lessons to discover but it is really just a label and only soup cans deserve a label. Believe that you are a worthwhile person and when given a criticism desire an explanation so that you can forgive yourself if need be, learn the valuable lesson involved and move on.


Reflect on your life and state it in ONLY six words: Life can get pretty overwhelming at times. So close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths and let your mind wonder as a child does looking at daisies in a field. Once you are relaxed describe your moment in time in 6 words. At first you will have a sentence and that is OK. Just write it down and look at it from an outside standpoint and narrow your feelings into ONY 6 words. Once you have chosen the perfect six words, feel the release. Life doesn’t appear so complicated. You can feel simplicity take over and now you can tackle this situation with clear thoughts, balanced emotions and decisive actions.


Reflect on the tiny steps you need to take to achieve your future desires: Thinking about the future is about beginning with each day and living in the moment. Remember you have to start the race in order to finish it. Each step you take along that course gets you one more step to finishing. Time doesn’t matter just the journey and the finish line.


Reflect on how to manifest your universal abundance: Be careful of your thoughts and words. They have tremendous power. What you think is what you are – the intensity and quality of your thoughts impact how you manifest your life greatly whether you realize it or not. Realize your right to an abundant life. The universe offers you everything for you to feast on – you just have to pick up the plate and stand at the buffet.


Reflect on past relationships and set strong healthy boundaries for new ones: Every relationship you have had was meant for you to experience. There are no mistakes just lessons to be learned. You won’t know what you do want until you find out what you DON”T want in a relationship. Rely on your intuition to make choices regarding relationships. Your intuition would never allow you to roam outside your boundaries that you have so diligently put in place because if you do you will know it. It won’t be pretty and you won’t feel great by any means.


Reflect on what you are grateful for: Being grateful will raise your vibrational energy so much higher than not appreciating everything you can in your life. Start right now and write down a small list (5 to 10) of what you appreciate in life. This can be anything and everything big or small. Your breath, your sight, your life, your kids your friends, food in your fridge, rain on the flowers… you get what I am asking you to do? The more your exercise your gratitude “muscle” the easier it will be to find the little things in life to excite your appreciation button. Now get yourself a beautiful book that you can call your “Gratitude Journal”. Pick a favorite pen and then begin being gracious. But beware – This will become habit forming.


Reflect on your fears and don’t let them control you: Fears appear as monsters lurking in the shadows of your life because of your need to control your future. Security of knowing the unknown derives from low self-love. When your self-esteem dips below the “fill line”, the ugly beast of fear rises up and tries to halt you in your path. Fear keeps us “stuck” unwilling to move forward outside of our comfort zone. But to bloom and blossom we need to feel those butterflies. They fly in formation to let us know we are on to something. We are growing we are leaving the familiar for the unknown we are doing what we are meant to be doing all along.


Reflect on your challenges from the past – briefly and learn from them: Learning to accept and allow – when you let go and allow the lessons of your life to move you forward, you will realize that without the challenges you had to hurdle you would not be the person you are today. The good, the bad, and the very ugly of situations and relationships are all part of my mosaic. Learn to forgive and be grateful – two very important cornerstones to building The House of The Lovable You. Change your thoughts and self-talk to only positive ones. Take criticism for what it is, learn the lesson and let it go. Realize that the only change you can make is the one within yourself so take the bull by its horn and make the changes you desire. Utilize the abundance of the universe and have patience until it arrives at your door.


Reflect on your passions and celebrate them: You find your authentic passions y digging deep. You have to maneuver around the pesky inner child who wans you to see yourself for who your environment has designed you to be not what you were born to be. To be passionate about something to the extent that your blood is carbonated keeps you in the present. Your pesky inner child wants to keep you stuck in the past where she can control you. You can only grow and move forward while your feet are firmly in the present. So which do you chose? That’s right – take the time to discover your passions.


About The Author

Tamara Elizabeth

  • Author
  • Certified Self-Love Coach
  • Master Motivator For Women in Transition



“You can’t change with what life deals you BUT you can change how you deal with life.”


Women in transition who are ready to put themselves on the front burner to live the lives they truly crave rely upon the coaching talent, support, and encouragement of Self Love Coach Tamara Elizabeth to get the mission accomplished at long last.  Tamara is the guidepost to show you a better tomorrow.


Women who benefit most from Tamara’s fabulous gifts are women who have asked themselves these questions:


*Why is this happening to me?

*Am I to blame?

*Will I survive and make it on my own?

*Where do I go from here?

*Who am I – really?


Tamara Elizabeth is the author of the book, Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! — Discovering My Loveable Me.  This book is a collection of essays divided in Past, Present and Future sections based on her real life journey and her reflections of her growth during her life. Each essay provides a reflective question so that her reader may grow at a faster level than she did. With this tool she helps her reader travel their own path as she has paved the way for them. By creating this workbook type concept she encourages women to start journaling. By journaling, a person will grow faster on their journey of growth and reap the rewards of the foundations laid in each essay of reflection.


Tamara Elizabeth is a Master Motivator for women in transition. She empowers women to look into the mirror and discover their true reflection. Clients engage with Tamara Elizabeth in a variety of ways that suit their readiness to take action to live more fabulously lovable lives now.  Whether they benefit from her book as a new and constant companion, engage with her privately in one-on-one coaching sessions, or her home study program.


The cornerstones of Tamara’s entire work center around the four E’s of Empowerment:


Enthusiasm Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm. It moves stones. Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity, and truth accomplishes no victories without it.

Excitement The feeling that I am part of a universe that matters. That my little part is big enough to make a difference.. An emotion experienced in between extended periods of complete and utter disappointment.

Expectancy. The feeling you feel when you feel you’re going to feel a feeling you’ve never felt before.

Ecstasy is the state of being beside one’s self or in rapturous delight; a state in which the mind is elevated above the reach of ordinary impressions, as when under the influence of overpowering emotion.


And a bonus “E”  – Exhilaration – The act of enlivening the spirits; of making glad or cheerful; a gladdening; the state of being enlivened or cheerful. An exclamation reflecting a high degree of success, joy or pride.


If you would like to see how Tamara can help you with her expertise, you are welcome to schedule a an exploratory session with her.


If you would like Tamara to provide expert commentary or talk at your event, please contact her @


Tel: 866.667.0589

Fax: 888.600.7941


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