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“Loss” Is The Teacher Of Great Personal Growth Lessons

Look at loss in life as a source of light – a beacon that lets us know that personal growth is constantly moving forward.


personal growthIf we are alive, we cannot not experience loss along our journey of personal growth. Loss is a very real part of everyday life. As we head into mid-life we sometimes feel we are in crisis. We feel loss everywhere we turn; loss of our youth, loss of a relationship, loss of children to significant others, careers or school. We feel the loss of friendships, friends or relatives though death. Loss just circles us like buzzards over a carcass in a hot desert. We feel the silence of loss – it is so loud that it screeches at us to listen, but we tend to cover our ears. It can take a toll on our personal growth adventure- but only if we let it.


Turn the word loss around – SSOL. Amongst these letters is the word “sol” which is Spanish for “sun.” The sun represents the center of our universe. It signifies growth, warmth and guidance of light. It is a certainty in our lives that the sun will rise each morning to lead us through the day and set each night to rest the weary, only to rise once again the next morn right on schedule whether we can see it or not. This is a natural cycle personal growth strives on.


So refocus your energy on loss. Look at it a source of light – a beacon that lets us know that personal growth is constantly moving forward. Look at loss as a new opening made on  life’s shelf that is filled with golden treasures. Where the dust never fell is a space to fill with new trinkets of our journeys. Let loss be the teacher of learning to cherish life more.


Nothing slams the effects of loss into us as a sudden death. We all know that we should live life in the moment but when someone close to us suddenly dies we are shook to the core with our own mortality. We wonder if we knew then what we know now could we have prevented the loss? But going back, we find that to change the “then” is impossible and waste of energy. We are alive and should celebrate what this moment or day in our personal growth path brings. We should cherish it and not wish it away. Let the day reveal its twists and turns as an unruly monster roller – coaster because life is a mystery. With any loss this day brings, we have the choice on how to react and with that choice we have the gratitude for the “now” that is meant to happen.


Make each day in this mid-life journey count. Find one moment of joy or pleasure to taste. Call a dear friend or find a person to bestow love on. Even share a vibrant smile with someone new, but no matter what kind of day you perceive it to be, live today in your brilliance and let your personal growth shine. Allow the “sol” to guide you to a perfectly wonderful day and allow any loss to guide you into discovering what you want to fill its spot in the future. Bask in all you have in living today and each day from now on, into its fullest.


“I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.” – Walter Anderson


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Courage Is The Backbone to Self-Esteem

Courage braces my self-esteem to bloom in unsettling shifts along my journey.



I asked for strength,
And God gave me difficulties to make me strong;

I asked for wisdom,

And God gave me problems to learn to solve;
I asked for prosperity,
And God gave me brain and brawn to work;
I asked for courage,
And God gave me dangers to overcome;
I asked for love,
And God gave me people to help;
I asked for favors,
And God gave me opportunities.
I received nothing I wanted – I received everything I needed.
My prayer has been answered!
(Author Unknown)


As life’s journey takes me over hills and valleys, my courage is the backbone holding my self-esteem tall while hurdling challenges and embracing the lessons that are there for me to learn. Death is the opposite to birth not the opposite to life. Life has no opposites as it is ever present. Life gives us challenges, difficulties, problems, dangers, lessons and opportunities.


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Your Self-Love Level Is Controlled By You

Your Self-Love Journey -The Only Change Controlled by You is Within Yourself

self-loveA deep sense of nurturing self-love is controlled by you – “You can’t change what life deals you BUT you can change how you deal with life!” I have lived by this saying my whole life. Although it is not always easy to follow, I make a conscious effort to watch my reactions to things I come across in my journey. You cannot change anything other than changes within yourself. You cannot control others actions, decisions and behaviors. But you can change your reactions to others – a healthy sense of self-love can dictate those reactions. Your reactions to criticism, disappointment, others moods…. are decided by your choices. Your choices are influenced by what brings your life, happiness, joy, balance and love – cornerstones to self-love.

Choice is still within our power. We might think others have taken command of it but they never have. We are the captains of our choice ship and we steer the way in and out of situations by masterfully making choices the best we know how with the tools we have in our grasp to use. All choices are the correct one. Some just don’t turn out the way we hope but there are lessons in all decisions. Learn these lessons for they are valuable.  Place your choices where they belong – in the past and discover the tools you need to make the decisions you want and achieve the outcomes you desire.

Then next time a situation occurs that is not quite as wonderful as you were hoping, stop, breathe deep 3 times, stay focused in the present, put your prejudices aside and then react. You will find that your how you deal with life becomes easier and easier until the peace you find within will be the peace to radiate to others no matter what the situation is you find yourself in.



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Personal Growth Journey Is A Roller Coaster Ride


When Life Becomes A Roller Coaster, Climb into the Front Seat, Throw Your Arms in the Air, & ENJOY THE PERSONAL GROWTH RIDE!!!!!!!!


Life is full of ups and downs. If you’re anything like me, more than once you’ve prayed to God to take away some of the low spots.

If I had only realized that the experience I was trying to avoid was actually a life -alters opportunity that shaped me into the women I am today, I would have yelled,” Hit me with your best shot!”

Knowing this after the fact didn’t make it any easier, but looking back I realized I am much better now for having endured it. Besides, I’d never have realized how high I have gotten without the perspective of how low I had actually been.

The real lesson to be learned is that we need to face our challenges head –on with grace, style and conviction….”



A close friend of mine wrote me this quote. It touched a cord in my personal growth journey, so I thought I would share it.


personal growthI have always looked at life as a journey in personal growth traveled through a series of hills and valleys. Sometimes the valleys are so low that the tops of the hills are hidden behind clouds lost and forgotten. It is difficult sometimes to believe there is another peak to aim for. A we enter each valley there is knowledge that the only way out is to climb back up the valley wall to the mountaintop where everything is so much clearer.


But looking upon life, as a roller-coaster seems so much more fun and adventuresome and I love an adventure. It gets the blood cursing faster through your veins, your breathing increases and exhilaration bursts through every pore in your body. The ups, the downs and the strange gravitational curves that our personal growth journey has us travel upon cannot be sidestepped if we are meant to grow and blossom. To reach our desires and dreams we must venture outside our comfort zone and with that come challenges. Fears try to hinder our successes by magnifying the challenges ahead of us. Our courage is fueled with the knowledge that at the end of the roller coaster ride we safely arrive at our destination unscathed but energized with adrenalin because we have succeeded once again.


So the next time your personal growth journey starts to resemble a roller coaster, climb into the front seat, throw your arms in to the air, scream with excitement and anticipation. Then enjoy the ride – the ride of your life.

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The Empowerment Of Creating A Book Of Positive Aspects


Empowerment Tool In Re-Building Your Self Worth After A Break-Up.

Relationships disintegrate not because one party or the other is a bad person, but the role they have in your journey is finished. The lesson they were meant to demonstrate to you is done and they must move on. If you can stand back and look at the break up from a different perspective, removing your emotional attachment, you will eventually see it is for the your best and highest good in honor of your empowerment. It is your ego that is hurting and it wants to hang on to the dependency of this connection.

When you break up from someone you have deep feelings for, release your need to spend valuable energy thinking negative thoughts about that person, no matter what happened between you. Fulfill your empowerment by reminding yourself that you are a good person, perfect exactly how you are, as is the person who has just left your relationship.

So let’s create “My Book Of Positive Aspects” ~ An Abraham Process from “Ask And It Is Given” ~ by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

First you are going to purchase a special notebook and beautiful pen.

Write at the top of the first page, “My Book Of Positive Aspects.”Underneath write the name of the subject (thing or person) that you wish to focus on This can be you or the person you have broken up with.

Write these questions down and leave space in between each for your contemplative answers.


‘What do I like about me/you?’

‘Why do I love me/you so much?’

‘What are mine/your positive aspects?’”


If the subject of your “Positive Aspects” book is a previous partner,  understand that you have some serious issues with the person otherwise there would not be a break down. But you did love this person once and there was a deep connection, so dig deep into the cavern of your feelings and see if  you can answer these questions in a loving and forgiving manner.

The primary purpose of this book of empowerment is to bring you to a place of feeling good – start feeling better about yourself, your ex partner and your situation. This will enable you to feel gratitude at a faster rate thus changing your vibration and bringing you inline with more positive situations and people. By daily entering into your journal all the positive aspects you can find about the partner you entered into a loving relationship with, will help you to maintain a positive balance of your own. You will find that no matter what the state the world is in around you, you will be in perpetual balance. This process is not to have you turn the negative into the positive; it is to encourage you to focus on all, which is positive. It is impossible to focus your attention on the positive AND the negative at the same time. By withdrawing your attention to the negative, it will naturally leave your experience.

Now start writing and  you will see that as you begin to focus on all the positives you remember about you and your ex partner,  your vibrational energy will begin to change and you will feel differently about it all – more than you do now. Begin writing down what immediately comes into your mind when you read each question.

Everyone in their own right to empowerment has positive aspects to their character, sometimes you just have to look long and deep to find them. Remember the special occasions you shared and think of why you invested energy creating a deep connection – all the wonderful traits that you felt were good enough to spend the rest of your lovely life with your ex partner. By focusing on the positive and leaving the negative in the past where it belongs, you will raise your vibration to one of appreciation, which is one of the most powerful vibrations your empowerment can possess.

The more positive aspects you can write down in your journal,  the more you will find your relationship with you and your ex partner changing for the better. There are so many benefits to this mystical process. Do this for the next 30 days and you will see how things have turned around and your anxieties will turn from dread to the end of a path to anticipation of what the Universe still has to offer you now.

Enjoy this empowerment process of writing your “Book Of Positive Aspects” about yourself or/and an ex partner. Your life will be full of love and joy for doing so.

Here’s a video that explains the process perfectly: A process by Abraham Hicks to assist you to move into a more positive thought and feeling place on all subjects, work, relationships, health, weight, money, yourself… anything.
This process will focus you in a way you will attract more of that which you see as positive =) and that which is wanted.



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Self Love Rules For CraftingYour Creativity – Part Two

Channeling Your Creativity Highway  – building  greater sense of self love cont’d…

self love

Last week, I talked about he ways in which you can encourage the artist in you to create. Here are the final 5 rules to help you nourish you self love and fuel your creativity.

Let all judgment and others opinions roll off your back and discover the inner artist in you today. Stand in your power and protect your self love.

Go back and review rules 1 to 5 here and please feel free to share with me what creations you have succeeded in accomplishing.

Self Love Creativity Driving Rules cont’d:


6.Stay in tune with your intuition (gut feelings) as you never know when or how your creative moment is supposed to happen or HOW it is to evolve. It is not your job to know when or how but when summoned to create, to do it to the bet of your ability. Remember that nothing is ever a failure as the Divine Spirit sees all attempts at creativity as successes in their own right. If your creative idea seems overwhelming, break it down into small steps and “turtle your way to the finish. Do not to rush, go at the speed you feel in your gut, as that is the natural speed you are to create at. Let your self love guide you in the direction you need to head.


7.Rely on your support system. Be choosy whom you tell of your creative journey. Imagine your circle of people holding your self love safety net as you jump from a fiery inferno. If one person has lost his/her support (grip) on that net, you will crash to the ground. Do not let naysayers into your circle. When you come across one, consider their nay-saying as encouragement ONLY, but never as a foundation for your creative achievements. One of the best techniques for an artist to use is to stand next to a person who is admiring your piece – be it writing or painting or whatever. List to their words. Look at the piece as they see it. Take what you need from their critique and praises and leave with them with those thoughts and word that don’t resonate with your creative soul. Those opinions and words are all gifts whether you agree with them or not. They are of great value to the speaker for he/she would not have shared them if they were not, but only you can choose what to take as gifts and what to leave behind.


8.Michael Angelo believed that the sculptures he created were already inside the stone. He believed was chosen to chisel each masterpiece out for others to see. You were hand picked by the Creator to create what you do. Do not question the outcome or the “why you?” Have faith that you were hand picked for a reason. allow your self love to have FAITH – Finally Allow It To Happen.


9.On the days that you find yourself without a creative thought in sight, do not despair – do not look upon the void as a blockage, or “writer’s block.” Look upon this as a chance to discover something new. This is a chance to do something you have been meaning to do but just never found the time before to experience it. It might be an activity you have always wanted to start or maybe resume after a long absence. It maybe a special someone you have lost touch with. No matter what it is, the Devine Spirit has given you the time to achieve it. The Creator has nothing for you to share with the world, so take this time to seek out other inspirations.


Need some self love creativity ideas?

-Listen to music- try a new genre, one you really never thought you’d be caught dead listening to.

-Take photographs – no matter how bad you think you are behind a lens you would be surprised what you might develop.

-Find someone you haven’t written to for a while or a “Thank You” note you have been too busy to write, AND write!

-Take out your sewing basket and sew on all those buttons you have been meaning to find homes for. You might also discover a whole new wardrobe with all the clothes that have been sitting in the mending bin for a few fashion collections gone by.

-Take up knitting, crochet or needlepoint. If NFL’ers can needlepoint so can you!

-Try cooking a new dish or experiment with an old one and try to create it into a different cultural dish. Again use your imagination – that’s your only limit.

-Paint a room. Spruce up an area that s looking drab and dull. Let your inhibitions out on the color wheel. If you don’t like the finished project you can always repaint – or wallpaper over it!

-Rearrange your kitchen or a closet. Throw out what you don’t need – or recycle if you wish to be politically correct. Create space for the abundance that is ever awaiting you. Just think of all the treasures you have misplaced that are waiting to be found and put in their rightful place.

-Play with the app store on your computer, iPad of iPhone. You never know what ideas you might discover inspired off another’s creativity.

-Sort your bookshelves and see what you can donate to the hospital or thrift shop. It would be a shame to rob those less fortunate the ability to read what you have been so gifted with. Sharing and giving is the start to receiving. Life is beautiful that way. Words are a gift to shared and passed along.


Okay, now it’s your turn to design some self love creativity activites.


One final “rule” to mention…

10.Affirmation for a safe journey along the Creative Highway:


“Dear Great Creator, I will make sure my creations are to the best of my innate ability to honor you in choosing me to channel your creative desires. In turn, I have great self love and faith in the fact that the amount you send me is no more and no less the amount I am capable of producing with my creative love. I will not cast judgment on my work but instead celebrate each achievement, as my very best not matter what others think. Thank you for your trust in me.”


Start creating today!!

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Personal Growth Uses Setbacks To Climb Ahead

This Week’s  Moximized Mondays Personal Growth Topic:

The Re-framing Of Setbacks Gives Our Personal Growth a Foundation to Success. ~ Joyce


I feel like my life is just one setback after another. I can’t seem to get a break. What am I doing wrong. Why can’t I get a break? How many times have I found myself saying, “That wasn’t supposed to happen to me,” “Things aren’t working out like I thought things would,” “I wouldn’t have done that if I had known this was going to happen”? How can I stop running into roadblocks in my life’s journey? ~ Joyce



personal growthThe personal growth journey is littered with setbacks. These setbacks are to be used as stepping stones towards your goals not roadblocks. – consider looking at them as “comebacks.” The questions you ask, Joyce are repeated by everyone on this planet, I bet most people have lost count by now even if they didn’t know they did say and think these thoughts.


So take your journal and write down all the times that things have turned out differently or the opposite to how you thought you knew things would turn out.


Next write down and answer these personal growth questions about each setback to a desired goal:

How important is your goal to you?

How motivated are you to accomplish all the great things life has to offer?

Do you have a clear vision of where you’d like to go, or is it cloudy and easy to let go of when a setback/roadblock occurs?

How badly do you want your goals and ultimately success in your life?


Now focus on consciously re-framing the setback into a positive beacon letting us know we have to look for a new route towards successfully achieving our goals. Spend time with your reflections. Allow your inner being to have the voice in your personal growth journey. You will find the answers.


Setbacks encountered on our personal growth journey are just minor challenges with great lessons attached for the greater good. Look upon them as good things – uncomfortable yes – but come before us with reasons that we might not understand right away. In the human personal growth journey, we love to have the control of knowing exactly what the outcomes of our actions are going to be. We feel our personal growth depends on the security this knowledge offers us. It this keeps us in the familiar and this is a natural reaction to change for if we know the outcome to a certain situation then we have no fear, and when we avoid fear our inner child (ego) feels more secure. Whew! Anxiety abated!


BUT, staying in the familiar, Joyce, and knowing every conclusion to all the situations we find ourselves in can lead to a very boring life. Setbacks are imperative for our personal growth and involvement in life. Our attachments to expectations of certain outcomes that we define as success cause us to see instances that do not go our way as failures or setbacks. This is not necessarily so. Try to release your need for attachment to outcomes of situations you find yourself in.


Now if everything in life happened and resulted exactly the way we expect, why would we try anything new? If we were never dissatisfied with an outcome why would we explore new territory, or experiment with new ideas take a chance at doing something totally different?


Think about those reflective questions for a minute. Now go back to your list of all the outcomes that did not live up to your expectations – all the different results. Did you not venture forward and try to find a better result with a different approach? This is re-framing your setback. Consider every outcome your new opportunity. Remember it is said that when one door closes another will open. Recall all the times when you let the frustration of a disastrous moment increase only to find it was snuffed out just as quickly when a new opportunity presented itself in front of you.


So let’s take the quote from Richard Bach, the author of the wonderful book Jonathan Living Seagull, and accept any “end of the world” situation as our butterfly. It could be a lost client that may be making space for the client you have truly desired in your life purpose: The apartment that was leased when you called, only to find on the next page of the classifieds a new ad for the perfect place in the perfect location – AND more affordable or possibly the problem with a relationship that offers you a chance to separate and journey forward in better directions.


A simple re-frame of any situation that doesn’t turn out the way you thought or wished it would into a comeback, can have incredible power over how we perceive our circumstances. Re-framing our setbacks into “positive must-have situations to learn from” raises our vibration and we will attract what we really desire.  Nothing that happens to us is the end of the world, just a stepping-stone to a new direction. So Joyce, choose to see the butterfly, NOT to see the “end of your life” with a simple setback.


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call a butterfly”  -Richard Bach

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When Are Opinions A Sign Of Self Esteem?

Moximize Monday Self Esteem Topic For This Week:

Your Requested Opinions Are Self Esteem Gifts Of Your Expertise ~ Heather


I have so much to say at home and at work. I am educated and read a great deal. When I am asked for my opinion and try to offer it,  I am dismissed or interrupted or ignored. Why do people ask if they are not interested in hearing the answer? am I too opinionated? Should I just decline giving my opinion when it is asked for next time? ~ Heather?


Opinions given out like candy are can be misunderstood for arrogance not a sign of healthy self esteem. When others request your opinion it is a gift from you to them – so share it. If they can’t handle it that is a problem with their self esteem not yours. Many people only ask for an opinion if they believe that the answer they receive will be the one they desire, NOT the one that needs to be verbalized.

Stand tall in your self esteem, Heather and be proud of what you know and have learned. If your opinion is sought, speak up proudly and stay in your power. Your requested opinion is a gift of your expertise – no matter what that expertise is – and go ahead and give it. By not, you are robbing them of valuable knowledge that you have to share and by which they may learn from. Generally, you are asked for an opinion because your insight and point of view are valued. By sharing opinions you connect intellectually and spiritually. Sharing your expertise is spreading self esteem. Knowledge is empowering. This is all a part of learning. You both want to take something away from the expertise offered. If you are asked and then dismiss giving them an answer then you are not only not validating yourself, but you are also not validating the person requesting your gift.

Feel pride and confidence when asked for your input – you would not have been asked if you were not considered and expert on the subject. Where your expertise with pride – embrace it whether it is big or small; it is important to someone. Stay true to your expertise even when your opinion might not match the answer requested.

Heather, opinions not based on expertise and given when not asked can be hurtful not insightful. They are not fulled by self esteem but by ego. No one likes an opinionated person when those opinions come from an arrogant need to be right and important. It is the voice of your inner child not your inner being taking charge. Avoid these situations and consciously commit to  answer with opinions coming from your self esteem full of love and light.


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Allow Your Self Love To Soar – Break The Chains of Abuse

Domestic Violence Awareness Self Love Poem by Mikka Stanley Yonker


self love

“Broken Butterfly”

Today, I’m breaking the chains,
You bound to my heart,
No more pain, no more suffering,
It’s time we finally part.
You cannot hurt me now,
No more of your abuse,
I have nothing left to give you,
It’s been given and I was used.
You used me for my caring ways,
But yet, you never really cared.
You used me for my body too,
Yet it was my soul you really bared.
Don’t ask me for a second chance,
Cause the healing has begun,
No more bruises, no more tears,
I’m singing my freedom song.
Don’t try to call me, don’t even text,
I’ll ignore them till the end,
I’m stepping back into the world,
I’ll be my own best friend.
Do not say “I love you,”
Don’t try to suck me in,
I don’t believe a word you say,
You never were my friend.
There is nothing I did to deserve this pain,
I gave my love with no return,
My duty to “honor and obey” you,
Was not a ticket for you to burn.
Now I’ll go into the world,
And spread my wings and fly,
I’ve been trapped too long in your cocoon,
A broken Butterfly…..

Poem Courtesy @Mikka Stanley Yonker

Too many of us – and I am one of you- have allowed the power of another to crush us. To place our self love in a cage thinking we are protecting it when really all we were doing was confining it – now easier found as a target to abuse. I rode that gerbil wheel of apologies for many years only to find that no matter how much I worked at pleasing my partner the more bruises I could count on my body the next morning. It is not easy to step off the agonizing wheel because you land on a conveyer belt of more pain. Abuse is control with the switch taped “on.”

No matter how much you try to be “good” the worse the attack is and your self love evaporates with each strike, word or push. Apologies are flowers that bloom for a very short while – just long enough to trick you into sympathy and victimization. One smell and they turn black with venom. Still today, I look at a bouquet in a slightly different light.

Empathy never has a chance to run the wheel with you because “victims” never hold hands with the strength of empathy. Once you finally fall so hard that you decide to jump out of the madhouse of abuse, you can see clearly that the reasons for the abusers pain does not rest on your shoulders but on his. Your self love does not have to wear his garbage. Now empathy can hold your hand and scare the “victim” out of the picture.

This poem hit me in the solar plexus of my self love and I am so happy to have stumbled upon it. It sings from my heart and I want every person who has had a ticket to ride on the abuse bus to have the courage tear that ticket in half and throw the pieces to the wind. You are not alone, and you will know when it is time to break from your cocoon and fly – no more a broken butterfly.

Thank you Mikka Stanley Yonker for spreading your wings and sharing your heart.

Please share so we can spread our love.


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5 Questions To Ask When Energizing Your Empowerment

How Have You Organized Your Sandbox?


empowermentEveryday we are encouraged to fuel our empowerment. So ask yourself the following five questions when you reflect over your life, as it is at present. Write your insights down, reflect on them and then take small action steps towards your goal. Take charge of your empowerment and re-ask each question every time you feel confused about what your life is about:

Daily Empowerment Reflections:

1.How have I decided I want to have my life organized?

2.What boundaries do I have in place?

3.Who do I want to have in my your support system?

4.What things do I desire to have in my possession?

5.What steps do I take to keep my life enveloped in positive energy?


Now close your eyes and visualize your life as a sandbox – your very own. Design it anyway you wish. Only the friends you invite can play in it with you. Only the sand toys you desire to have to play with are at your disposal. If someone you have invited in to play is not behaving nicely then you can ask them to leave and NOT invite them back if you don’t wish to. Your empowerment grants you the title of Master of your own playground.


While traveling along my own fabulously brilliant journey to self-love, I learned to create a most magnificent sandbox. I chose the design, created my guest list and organized the favorite play toys in my favorite colors of fire engine red and royal blue. My creative spirit fueled my empowerment and I felt a great ease and balance come int my life.


Then one day I had to take inventory and rearrange my perfect play area because something negative occurred. I was so proud of the beautiful sandbox I had created along with a divine guest list. Unfortunately one of the dearly invited turned out to be an energy zapper not enhancer. This guest was perfectly fine in her own right but not as a member of my support group. Her negativity left a chink in my survival net.


As I reflect on this particular situation, I see that the universe had been tapping on my shoulder for quite a while trying to get my attention and urge me to take the message it was conveying on the neatly folded paper square displayed in full view before my eyes. I was so busy socializing with my other guests in my sandbox; I just kept flicking away the annoying irritation as I wold a pesky fly.


Stepping outside of ones comfort zone is a very smart thing to do in order to grow in life, but stepping around the boundaries you have set in place and ignoring the warning sounds, and then mistaking this move as a positive one can bite your empowerment in the butt – and in my case it did. Finally I was faced with a situation I had various warnings about but didn’t heed, and it hit me right between the eyes. My empowerment was left vulnerable.  My boundaries were nowhere to be found, but the yellow taped off section of my psyche now flapping in the wind. My empowerment was shattered but not destroyed.


So I looked deep within my soul and took inventory of my empowerment, and I mustered up my old friend, “courage”, looked fear of reprisal in its face, and said, “Boo!” I did what I didn’t think I was capable of doing, I threw an unwanted guest and all her trimmings out of my sandbox once and for all – throwing along with her the toys she brought, all the while brushing off my hands in triumph. I stood in my empowerment in ways I never thought I could. I looked upon my life in reflection and reorganized my sandbox, re-energizing it with positive not negative influences.

Empowerment Journal Questions:

How do you envision your sandbox? (Design it exactly as you desire it to look.)


Who do you wish to include in your guest list? Consider all the attributes of a happy and joyous life.


What kind of qualities do you envision influencing you in your sandbox? (Create your perfect playing atmosphere.)


What do you NOT want to be part of your beautiful play area? (Set your boundaries and never cross them.)


What would you do if negative energy threatened your perfect life? (Stand in your power and be the Master of your sandbox.)


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