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Bringing The Child In You To The Surface To Love Yourself

Love Yourself Enough To Strengthen Your Power of Positive Thought


The children desire freedom! And every particle of their being from their Source says, “You are free. You are so free, that every thought you offer, the entire Universe jumps to respond to it.” And so, to take that kind of knowledge and try to confine it in any way, defies the Laws of the Universe. You must allow your children to be free, because the entire Universe is set up to accommodate that. And anything you do to the contrary will only bring you regret. You cannot contain those that cannot be contained. It defies Law.

— Abraham


Watch children play at a playground. See how they do everything effortlessly and without much fear. Children are the ultimate positive thinkers. They know what they want and they have no fear on getting exactly what they want. They haven’t learned that life throws up challenges and that there are rules and boundaries to be obeyed. They truly allow their “inner being” lead the way without even knowing it.

Life to a child is just one big adventure. They have no fears of things. They are willing are to try anything. You always see them optimistic and happy and if they aren’t it is because they don’t know why they cannot have things just they way they are meant to have it. They positively believe that everything at their reach is theirs for the taking and why not? Their “inner child” has not developed yet. So they just put themselves out there to learn and experience everything they can out of their life. Love yourself enough to let the child out to play.

The amazement that children have for life is how they learn, develop their identity and live in a positive manner. This positive manner is reinforced by the fact that they do not instantly jump to the negative in any of their given situations. They don’t know about bad only good because their parents or guardians protect them from all the bad they can. Children have a faith that we have forgotten to practice once we become adults. We dwell on the negative instead of embracing the positive. Love yourself and refocus your vibrational energy on positive things.

Have you ever had a child suddenly stop, bend down to pick a flower beside them and then excited stuff it up into your face for you to smell? Children stop “to smell the roses” – we as adults tend to just walk by.

Love yourself enough to practice the faith a child has. Slow down. Take the “to-do’s” out of your day and enjoy your journey. Enjoy the little things like a child would and you will see that the positives in your life will naturally over take your negatives.

Explore being a child for 24 hours and see how you feel and what you experience. Try the following:

Love Yourself and Ignore all rules! – Children ignore rules all the time. Although it can get them into trouble or even danger, they usually end up having so much fun because they were doing something they were not supposed to do. Defying authority can be an adrenaline rush so break a few rules and let yourself act like a kid again.

Love yourself and Do Not walk away from a challenge – watch a child face a challenge. They gather momentum at the prospect of putting the puzzle piece in the correct shaped hole. It is as if they know they will get it and so why not have fun while trying. Try to accept all your challenges in your life as a child embraces them. Feel the excitement of learning from your challenge instead of taking away only the negative. And never walk away; meet it face on and embrace and enjoy the moment.

Love yourself and Explore, Explore, Explore – all new things! – Through fear of the unknown away and walk up to it and shake its hand. Children are always exploring and this is how they learn. So explore like you never have before. Throw caution to the wind.

Love yourself and “Pretend” – Make believe you are where you have always wished to travel. Imagine you are the person you have always wanted to be – YOU. Pretending is the way children play and use their imagination. So get away from your normal life and play make believe. It is healthy for the soul and the mind. The most important thing is to have fun! – it will definitely put a smile on your face.

Love Yourself and be Happy in a messy and unrestricted way – Children love to make a mess. This is the way they have fun exploring and learning how things go in their little worlds. So if you make a mess don’t get mad at yourself play in it learn from it and most of all enjoy it!

Bring the child out in you. Watch children play. See and enjoy the carefree way they just interact with each other of find ways to entertain themselves. The difference between children and adults is that we have responsibilities – but don’t let responsibilities keep you from practicing your child like abilities, responsibilities are just excuses your inner child wants you to dwell on so you have the excuse to not be positive in your thinking. Excuses kill positive thinking. Acknowledge your responsibilities but in no way let them keep you from having fun!


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Personal Growth Uses Setbacks To Climb Ahead

This Week’s  Moximized Mondays Personal Growth Topic:

The Re-framing Of Setbacks Gives Our Personal Growth a Foundation to Success. ~ Joyce


I feel like my life is just one setback after another. I can’t seem to get a break. What am I doing wrong. Why can’t I get a break? How many times have I found myself saying, “That wasn’t supposed to happen to me,” “Things aren’t working out like I thought things would,” “I wouldn’t have done that if I had known this was going to happen”? How can I stop running into roadblocks in my life’s journey? ~ Joyce



personal growthThe personal growth journey is littered with setbacks. These setbacks are to be used as stepping stones towards your goals not roadblocks. – consider looking at them as “comebacks.” The questions you ask, Joyce are repeated by everyone on this planet, I bet most people have lost count by now even if they didn’t know they did say and think these thoughts.


So take your journal and write down all the times that things have turned out differently or the opposite to how you thought you knew things would turn out.


Next write down and answer these personal growth questions about each setback to a desired goal:

How important is your goal to you?

How motivated are you to accomplish all the great things life has to offer?

Do you have a clear vision of where you’d like to go, or is it cloudy and easy to let go of when a setback/roadblock occurs?

How badly do you want your goals and ultimately success in your life?


Now focus on consciously re-framing the setback into a positive beacon letting us know we have to look for a new route towards successfully achieving our goals. Spend time with your reflections. Allow your inner being to have the voice in your personal growth journey. You will find the answers.


Setbacks encountered on our personal growth journey are just minor challenges with great lessons attached for the greater good. Look upon them as good things – uncomfortable yes – but come before us with reasons that we might not understand right away. In the human personal growth journey, we love to have the control of knowing exactly what the outcomes of our actions are going to be. We feel our personal growth depends on the security this knowledge offers us. It this keeps us in the familiar and this is a natural reaction to change for if we know the outcome to a certain situation then we have no fear, and when we avoid fear our inner child (ego) feels more secure. Whew! Anxiety abated!


BUT, staying in the familiar, Joyce, and knowing every conclusion to all the situations we find ourselves in can lead to a very boring life. Setbacks are imperative for our personal growth and involvement in life. Our attachments to expectations of certain outcomes that we define as success cause us to see instances that do not go our way as failures or setbacks. This is not necessarily so. Try to release your need for attachment to outcomes of situations you find yourself in.


Now if everything in life happened and resulted exactly the way we expect, why would we try anything new? If we were never dissatisfied with an outcome why would we explore new territory, or experiment with new ideas take a chance at doing something totally different?


Think about those reflective questions for a minute. Now go back to your list of all the outcomes that did not live up to your expectations – all the different results. Did you not venture forward and try to find a better result with a different approach? This is re-framing your setback. Consider every outcome your new opportunity. Remember it is said that when one door closes another will open. Recall all the times when you let the frustration of a disastrous moment increase only to find it was snuffed out just as quickly when a new opportunity presented itself in front of you.


So let’s take the quote from Richard Bach, the author of the wonderful book Jonathan Living Seagull, and accept any “end of the world” situation as our butterfly. It could be a lost client that may be making space for the client you have truly desired in your life purpose: The apartment that was leased when you called, only to find on the next page of the classifieds a new ad for the perfect place in the perfect location – AND more affordable or possibly the problem with a relationship that offers you a chance to separate and journey forward in better directions.


A simple re-frame of any situation that doesn’t turn out the way you thought or wished it would into a comeback, can have incredible power over how we perceive our circumstances. Re-framing our setbacks into “positive must-have situations to learn from” raises our vibration and we will attract what we really desire.  Nothing that happens to us is the end of the world, just a stepping-stone to a new direction. So Joyce, choose to see the butterfly, NOT to see the “end of your life” with a simple setback.


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call a butterfly”  -Richard Bach

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The “Ask” Leads To Empowerment

 Your empowerment can strengthen on a foundation of asking.

Empowerment tools to living a life of happiness and joy can consist of asking for what you want, asking for support and asking for love, which are all equally important, and it is really so easy, once the fear of asking is shattered. My coach, mentor, friend and best selling author of, Chique Secrets of Dolce Vita Barbara Conelli, shared with me a little script that illustrates perfectly how asking is really all you need to get what you desire in your life.

empowermentThere was a little boy who was out for a walk with his dad. He walked up to a big rock and he looked at his dad and he said, “Do you think I can move that rock?”

The dad said, “I think you can if you use all your power”.

The little boy moves up his shoulder and he presses on that rock hard, hard, hard and he can’t make it move. He tries and tries, but he can’t make it move.

Finally he says to his dad, “Dad you were wrong! I couldn’t make it move”.

The dad said, “You didn’t use all your power. You didn’t ask me for help”. ~ Barbara Conelli


I grew up in a family where I didn’t feel comfortable asking for anything – help or otherwise. My empowerment was to “be seen and not heard,” which really wasn’t very empowering at all. So I learned to deal with things on my own and tough it out when times got hard. I looked upon all my mistakes as failures because when you don’t ask for the how’s and why’s about certain situations, you tend to look upon failures as shame acts instead of the learning tools to life.

My empowerment improved into a strong measure of self-love  when I found my voice. I stood up and asked for what I wanted and needed to life a joyous life. I asked not to be abused any more. I asked not to be controlled anymore by judgments and false opinions. I asked myself to love me more so that others could love me also. I asked forgiveness of myself and others who have wronged me and I asked to be grateful to everyone and everything I have come in contact with during my journey. But most importantly I as me to just be me living a life form a place of love and light.

It is every women’s god given right to ask for what she desires and not to be told to “be seen and not heard.” So start right now and take a journal ad write down everything you desire to have in your life. Let there be no boundaries to your dreams. Write your intentions, your goals, your forgiveness and your appreciation. Ask yourself what you can affirm to create the life you have always wanted. Now take the steps to achieving these affirmations. When you need help and support in traveling your journey seek out a strong support system and ask for their advice and counsel. Everyone wants to share their expertise and everyone feels satisfaction in helping someone achieve their dreams.

Empowerment tip: Ask and you shall manifest!


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Fear Cannot Penetrate Your Self Love

Weekly Self-Reflection Exercise – Fear Cannot Penetrate Your Self Love.


self loveA strong sense of self love battles the monster of fear. Enjoy living a life free from fear. Take action every day that helps keep it at bay, and if fear does try to creep into your mind, the minute you feel the first inklings of its foul breath, banish it. Fear runs away like the cowardly thing it is, disappearing into the darkness from whence it came! Your self love rides into hte sunset of your soul the victor once again.


An unfailing optimism is part of your mindset that helps keep fear where it belongs. When scary things happen, refocus and change your expectations to receive only the best ending to the situation, and usually you will get it. When challenges arise, expect to find a solution, and usually one will appear before your eyes.


Daily meditation helps provide an ongoing shield against fear. In your meditations, visualize joy, love and happiness. There is no room for fear here.  You will maintain peace and serenity with your meditations.


If you should start to feel fear, replace the negative thoughts with positive images and affirmations. Visualize your joyous outcome to the situation. focus on all the ways you nurture your self love. Write down things that bring you joy and then take one of them and create that scenario. Fear doesn’t like the glow of self love in a joyous situation.


“I remind myself that I am stronger than fear and that it has no hold over me.”


Always endeavor to take action to do what you can to make every situation better. When your mind is focused on action, there is no time for worrying, so, once again, push fear away out of your mind and replace it with something positive.


A New Year always brings fear of the unknown but now you know how to handle that monster and keep him far away from the task of you achieving what you desire.


“Today, I plan to enjoy a carefree day without fear, sailing through my day’s journey on a calm sea of optimism, positivity, and joy.”


Take Action Now:


Self Love Reflection Questions:

1. What do I fear?

2. What can I do to banish my fears and replace them with positive thoughts?

3. How much time do I sit around worrying about the “what ifs,” instead of taking action to bring about beneficial results?


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525,600 Minutes Towards Your Personal Growth

A Year Consists of 525.600 Minutes – How Do You Plan To Spend Each One This Year For Your Personal Growth?


personal growthAs I was driving up Highway 15 north from Las Vegas to Mesquite Nevada to watch my son compete at the World Long Drive Competition, I whisked along the red desert to the soundtrack of Rent – the story of a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive and create in the shadow of HIV/AIDS.  In an era of death and dying from a horrible disease, these artists nourish their collective personal growth with optimism and inspiration.With nothing to distract me I was able to concentrate on the lyrics from the lead song “525,600 Minutes”:


“525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes – how do you measure,
measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee. In
inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In 525,600 minutes – how do you
measure a year in the life?
How about love? How about love? How about love? Measure in love. Seasons of

525,600 minutes! 525,000 journeys to plan. 525,600 minutes – how can you measure
the life of a woman or man?

In truths that she learned, or in times that he cried. In bridges he burned, or
the way that she died.

It’s time now to sing out, tho the story never ends let’s celebrate remember a year in the life of friends. Remember
the love! Remember the love! Remember
the love! Measure in love. Seasons of love! Seasons of love.”

Now reflect on these lyrics. Look at your own personal growth and see if there are any ways in which to improve on it. Your goal is to stay away from the negative and focusing only on the positive. Ask yourself: How do you measure your past year? Do you dwell on all you haven’t accomplished? Do you upset yourself for resolutions unfinished? Do you criticize “you” for not being everything you have decided you should be? Is there a different path you would like to venture down and seek a more rewarding and purposeful professional vision (see Guide to Career Education)?


Why do you do that to stunt your personal growth? Would you chastise a best friend for trying her best but not quite getting everything done she imagined? Of course not, you would congratulate her on a job well journeyed and accomplished. So do the same to you. You are, after all, your very best friend in the whole world. When no body else cares you can always find a comforting word to you from your soul.

The New Year is here and now the celebrations should really begin. When you look back over 2011 divide each goal into the minutes of that year – 525,600. Remarkable how much of that goal was accomplished when you define it in tiny increments – like tine steps. Personal growth does not happen overnight – it is a process not a destination. Take a minute and slowly start to write what you have succeeded in doing towards each desire on a piece of paper or in your journal. Include little things not just the big turning stones.

When you look back and see all that is on you paper, you realize that a great deal of effort and time and love was put into achieving your goals so in the end you are so much farther forward towards your dreams than you were a year ago – that makes 2011 a very successful year indeed.

Now it is 2012 with another 525,600 minutes ahead of you. You are the master of your life and thus the master of your own set of minutes. How would you like to design each moment for your personal growth?

-Spending more time with family and friends?

-Creating a new project?

-Writing that book that has always meant to be written?

-Travel more?

-Spend more time with nature?

-Be kinder to yourself?

-Complete that dream which has always been there on you shoulder but just got swatted away when you felt the tap?

-Laugh more?

-Enjoy a rich cappuccino with friends more often?

-Volunteer time or donate money to your favorite charity?

The list is endless, only your dreams and imagination are your walls. You can accomplish anything you desire and are passionate about. Just don’t put the pressure on yourself to get all accomplished and tied up into a neat ball within a chosen time fame by you. Or at least be forgiving and kind to yourself when you get only part of your mission achieved. Every step towards your goal counts towards your personal growth. The journey and process is more important than the end result. The journey happens so that you have a chance to learn all the lessons that are meant for you to learn. There are a lot of minutes in a year and with each minute is a discovery – so look forward to that discovery for any given moment and celebrate your victories.

Journal this information you have discovered from your reflections. Keep it for January 2013 and compare your personal growth one year from now. You will be surprised how far you still can grow.


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Moximimize Mondays – December 5, 2011

Topics This Week:

This is my first Christmas alone.- Shannon

What do I do when I have to buy gifts for people I don’t like? – Wendy



This is my first Christmas alone. I am lonely. I feel depressed. How do I celebrate this time of year by myself? I don’t know how I am going to get through the holidays.  I feel like crying all the time.  – Shannon

Shannon, I was in your shoes last year and many women share this dilemma this year along with you. Christmas is a tough time of year because it has us reflect on the pat year and there are so many reminders of the negative and not so much of all the positive.


So sit down with a lovely cup of tea or coffee, a pen and a note pad. Now start in January and right down one thing that was positive and made you happy. It doesn’t have to be a big situation, thing or person but anything that brings that warm feeling in your stomach and continues up until a glow brings a smile on your lips.


Continue this for each month until now. Look over the list. You will find names I am sure of a few people who have brightened your souls throughout the year. So now you know you are not alone. Those people would love a card of gratitude from you for being in your life. So a connection has been made with each person.


Did you feel the momentum of happiness pour from you once you go going on making your list? The memories start pouring out and sometimes just don’t want to stop. Look at all you have accomplished this year. Isn’t it amazing how much you achieved in 12 months? How are you feeling now? Pretty happy and proud I would think.


Keep this list beside you and when you feel a little down review it and see if you can add something to each month as you remember things. Recharge your batteries and smile.


Also, Shannon keep getting out. Go to the mall, visit a school concert, go to church to hear the choir and remind you of your spiritual basis. Try another denomination to see what they have to say in guidance. Help at the soup kitchen or food bank. Offer to volunteer for the Salvation Army Kettle – they are always looking for kind souls to help. Sit in an electronics store and watch a Christmas movie they have on their big screen TVs and people watch while you are at it. It is fun and very inexpensive.


I am going to include a link back to my blog post from last year when I wrote about my first Christmas by myself.


Write me again if you need any more ideas or you just want to talk. I understand…



What do I do when I have to buy gifts for people I don’t like? This year our family – which is quite large – is all getting together for a reunion. We have decided to have a gift exchange and I have drawn a sister who I haven’t liked most of my life and have not spoken to for the last 5 years. What do I get her?  ~ Wendy


Just because someone is related to us by blood does not mean we owe him or her a gift at Christmas time or any time, but we do owe ourselves gifts. One of the greatest is forgiveness. It takes two to have a disagreement and it takes two to mend the way. That does not always happen though but is done easier than said really.

So forgive the past and leave it where it belongs. Take some time to think back to all the times you and your sister shared that brought happiness to both of you. Try to remember the talks, jokes, situations and people that you both experienced together to bring smiles to both your lives. Write them all down no matter how small they might seem to you.


Now put on your creative hat and design a festive card made especially for her. If creating isn’t your thing go out and spend some time picking the perfect blank card. Now sit down and write you sister a letter. Describe for her in detail all your memories of the two of you together. Thank her for those gifts and let her know that those times together helped you to blossom into the woman you are today. Don’t dwell on past grievances as they are best tackled in person anyway. Just let her know that the past is the water flowing under the bridge and that maybe one day she would like to join hands with you while you walk in the same direction into the future. Until then, you wish her everything wonderful for a happy and joyous life.


Forgiving you first for any wrong doing and then forgiving her is the first steps to healing any relationship. This is not easy but it will be a treasured gift – believe me, whether you hear it from her or not. Everyone loves to relive great memories, and it takes so little time and effort to share them.


I personally had to do this and it felt so good. It was the best gift I could have given anyone – especially me.


Enjoy the process!








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Self Love Tames Your Inner Child

Lavish Your “Material Girl” This Holiday Season and Let Self Love Tame Your Inner Child!


self loveA healthy level of self love can help your inner child smoothly sail through the holidays. This time of year with all the fliers and mail/internet order fliers and catalogs arrive at your doorstep, your inner child evolves into a “material girl”. She comes out of the gate fighting- a ravaged shopper from hell – and she’s hungry. The pre-holiday sales are a fabulous carrot for the “material” girl to chase. Your self love will have a hard time taming her actions but perseverance is the key.She can’t resist. The more you think about your gifts to bestow upon others the more she pulls on your heart strings to give her more, more, more!!!


Practicing “less is more” is wonderful but at the time of the season with all the marvelous window displays and glitzy neon signs of enticement, your “material” girl is having a hard time with temptation. This is like a girl in a bakery with only 5 points left on her weight watchers daily point plan and nothing in the tantalizing bakery cases is under 15 points. There are so many wants, so many beckoning choices and beautiful things pulling a desiring finger towards you. This is where you self love comes in.


To deny these wants at this time of year by attempting various ways of deprivation are completely fruitless. Like trying to give up smoking while sitting in a smoke filled Casino – impossible. My cure is  – DON’T DENY THESE CRAVINGS! Reel in your wants. INDULGE! Gather enough self -love to help you surrender to your weakness; let yourself go. This is the only way to quiet your wants; it’s savvy and very, very effective. But the key is you don’t have to spend a cent.


Yes, you heard me correctly, no need for a corrective hearing device (or glasses for that case either.) So go wild and collect all the flyers, catalogs, and mail-order pamphlets that arrive in the mail on a daily basis. Now when you have a quiet moment with just you your catalogs and a coffee. Shop. Take a red marker and circle with abandon all you desire. Don’t let the price influence your choices. Money is no a hindrance – just shop as if you have all the money in the world. Remember it is just energy and spiritually you are abundant with that energy. Nurturing your self love in this manner strengthen it for the future.


Red marker, pen and paper all ready – go on the greatest shopping spree in your life. Use your visualization skills and put on the cashmere sweater you have always wanted. Sit in the lounge chair you have desired for your tired back at the end of a long day. Feel the power of a gold bracelet around your wrist that you have longed to have clasp there. Flash the shiny bauble on your ring finger that you just can’t live without.


Tell yourself repeatedly that you can have exactly what you desire. Imagine with all your senses how life is with the things you want. Now that you have completed your list and dog-eared your catalogs put them all away in a drawer knowing your subconscious is satisfied. Time to get to the real mater at hand, Christmas shopping for your loved ones. Your “material” girl is satiated and so you can concentrate on completing the seasonal ritual of gift giving to others. When your material girls starts to whine – and she will – just remind her of the drawer filled with her earthy desires and she will quiet right down.


In January when all is quiet revisit your list and catalogs. Your deep level of self love developed, tames the needs of your inner child.You will find that most of the things you circled, highlighted or wrote down will not be as important to you now as they were before.  You might even have acquired some of the items as gifts from others.  Or most likely see the items not as demanding, wondering why you thought of them in the first place. Your “material” girl was looked after and now she is quiet. Why you ask? Your “material” girl was listened to. That is all she really wanted, just your attention. When you give into a demanding child the object of their desires, it loses its power instantly and the child doesn’t want it as much any more once he/she has the item.


When self love acknowledges our wants and needs, they are quieted. We have peace and we can continue along our journey in harmony. Our subconscious is our own personal shopper and she gives the “material” girl in all of us a muzzle. When your desires are quieted your authenticity flourishes and self love reigns supreme.


If you have any burning questions you need answered, check out Moximized Monday and let me be your voice.

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 Topics This Week:

How can I make the Thanksgiving Holiday more about gratitude than about the commercial side of it in my life and the lives of my family? ~ Natalie

I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Where do I begin? What can I do to relieve the stress and enjoy the holidays more? ~ Susan

I have to attend my office party on the 14th - so how do I attend, avoid conflict and have fun also? – Sarah



How can I make the Thanksgiving Holiday more about gratitude than about the commercial side of it in my life and the lives of my family? ~ Natalie


With any part of this Holiday Season, you can infuse the personal touch to your gift giving as a way of thanking everyone in your life for helping you to get where you are today this past year. Find some old family cookie recipes and make up batches to put into holiday tins. Create cards out of scrap material, buttons, straws, string, sparkles… your imagination is the limit and what ever you can spare from a messy junk drawer.


A lovely gesture for a gift is the gift of your expertise or time. Create imaginative gift certificates for the value of a service you can render to someone dear. Like cleaning the garage, offering a back message, cooking a stew on a cold winter’s night. Again, the creative juices that are inside you dying to get out and soar only limit you if you desire to do so.


All people want through the holidays – and all through the year for that fact – is to feel appreciated. Anything that comes from your heart and good intention, Natalie, no matter what the size is valuable to anyone in your circle who supports and loves you unconditionally.


So put that thinking cap on and make a list of treasures from the heart you would like to receive and then create away. You will be so proud of you accomplishments and so will those who receive them.


Happy Holidays to you and yours!



I am a Type A individual regularly, but at this time of year I can feel the pressure building. I have a house to decorate, groceries to buy, baking to prepare, food to make, gifts to buy and wrap and no one offering to help with all this. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Where do I begin? What can I do to relieve the stress and enjoy the holidays more? ~ Susan


Susan, sit down right now no matter what you are doing when you read this. Now breathe in deeply 3 to 5 times while closing your eyes. Visualize Christmas with everyone around the tree laughing and talking about the glorious year that ahs just past and all the excitement and delicious smells the rest of the holidays have to bring. Visualize yourself happy, content, rested and joyful that the holidays are everything you had hoped they would be. Visualize balance, calmness and serenity. Keep overwhelming thoughts, frustration, impatience, control and perfection out of your mind and soul completely.


OK time to open your eyes and just begin with the here and now. There is no right or wrong in the sequence you are to do the projects you wish to get done for the holidays. Start with the ones that give you the most excitant and pleasure. By starting in the moment with the project that we are doing for ourselves, the other important things like details from the past and plans for the future will reveal themselves in due course as the project takes shape. For the others – delegate. There must be family and friends who are attending your functions that can provide their expertise in areas that you find somewhat unattainable. So ask. You will be surprised how easy it is to have a couple of sets of eager hands welcoming the idea of helping you with holiday ideas. Deep down everyone wishes a signature on the holiday festivities.


Don’t feel bad about asking either. Some people don’t know how to offer because they might think their contribution is not good enough. So by asking you will receive and if someone turns you down ask the next person on your list. Think back to other occasions when you hear some little voice pipe up, “I made the potatoes.” With a big smile on that face and everyone complimenting the flavor of the food. Then it becomes catching until everyone who has contributed to the event has worn their achievement on their sleeve. Everyone wants to be part of a celebration in one way or another.



There are many social events this holiday season. I have to attend my office party on the 14th and I don’t like anyone I work with on a social level. There is too much drama in our office. I don’t even want to go to the party. If I don’t attend, I worry it would reflect poorly on me as a team member of our organization, so how do I attend, avoid conflict and have fun also? – Sarah



First of all, Sarah who are you attending this party for? You or your office? Is this an event that would bring you joy and love to your heart? What would be the worst thing to happen to you for not attending? Death?


Reflect on these questions for a moment or two after taking 3 very long deep breaths. Now no matter what your answers are, let’s ponder on a few things. You don’t have to lie the people you work with but you can look at each one and find the light that shines from within them. Everyone has a gift to give and each gift has the power to illuminate another person. So look for the light and be the mirror that reflects the magic. You might see your co-workers in a different way and at least be able to enjoy their luminosity for one evening. Remember, that whomever you engage with, there lies a purpose, and their place in our journey is important for our development. So if you decide to attend the festivities, go forth with an open mind and gather all the light you can so you can glow with the authenticity you were born with.


I want to also share with you that fact that any preoccupation with a troublesome person or situation prevents us from responding to all the positives that can come out of the particular moment. Don’t get stuck in the muck of past of an old hurt, that stifles your existence. Go with the flow and forgive yourself and others for any offenses that have affected you.


Enjoy every moment of every day with every person you stand next to these holidays and the gifts you receive will be so much more than you can imagine.


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Empowerment Belief – Age Is Only A Number!

Moxie Empowerment Exercise – Age Is Only A Number!


empowermentYour empowerment commands you be extremely happy with your age. Edge past the doubts, trials, and tribulations of youth and look forward to many years of adding to your wisdom.


“The way I see it, the more years I experience, the more blessed I am!”


Many people your age are concerned about being replaced on the job by a “young, promising talent.” But, you still have something no amount of young talent can replace: experience and expertise.


These attributes can only be earned with years of ceaseless effort. Stand confident in your abilities and prove yourself every day to be an asset to your employer. With that be confident in your appearance.


“I have the glow of good health from my years of eating right and exercising. I take care of my skin and use anti-aging products to look my best.”


If a fine line shows up here and there, stand tall and wear it with pride, knowing that a happy life of laughter can cause such fine lines. Each wrinkle has an important empowerment story – shout them loudly!


Concentrate on being a loving parent, spouse, child, and friend.


“My loved ones appreciate me for my lovely personality, wit, and healthy sense of humor.”


These qualities are what they see when they look at you, rather than your age.

Age is only a number and it makes no difference what that number is. You are youthful, vibrant, good-looking, and healthy, regardless of the date that is written on your birth certificate.


“Today, I accept the aging process. My empowerment thrives every year I can put under my belt is another year of wisdom I can add to my repertoire.”



Take Action Now:




Empowerment Reflection Questions:

1. Does the physical aspect of aging make me uncomfortable?

2. What can I do to boost my self-confidence?

3. How can I keep myself feeling young?


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Excuses Are The Cancer to Positive Thinking and Self Love

Self Love Means Trusting You To Not Make Excuses When Living Life!


“Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.” ~Don Wilder and Bill Rechin


Excuses chip away at self love not nurture it. An excuse is a false reason that you use to explain why you do something. It is casting judgment on you. It is giving your self love a reason to weaken.

Excuses are the tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness, and those who specialize in them seldom accomplish anything. They lack a true sense of self love.

Excuses are the signal for negative thoughts to walk through an unlocked door in your true self. The inner child provides excuses because she does not want to be shut out or not listened to. She wants to be the center of your attention. She doesn’t want you to listen to your inner being – the source of self love.

Positive thinking and strong self-love put your inner child in the corner where she belongs until she can behave.

When making excuses you pass on the responsibility for your actions. Once you do not take on the responsibility and embrace your actions and words then you are stuck in the past not in the future. Without being in the present you will not be able to move forward.

An excuse disguises itself as a positive thought when actuality it is negative in origin. An excuse comes easily to us and it takes practice and determination to own up to your words and actions. Accept what you have done or said and realize that you can only make a decision based on the tools you have been given. So forgiveness should be your first line of attack when deciding to use an excuse for your behavior. Forgiving yourself will hold you firmly in the present.

When you feel an excuse coming on – stop. Kindly redirect your inner child back into her corner where she belongs; think about why you are making this excuse, and ask yourself the following questions:

What are you trying to accomplish from making the excuse?

What benefits does this excuse have?

As with any cancer, excuses can spread and grab hold of your psyche if you let them. So try very hard to catch yourself as your brain uses this tactic of making excuse to keep the negative lounging around. The best chemo for excuses is to practice positive thinking on daily basis and stay true to your self love by embracing and celebrating all the things you do – even when it would be easier not to admit your actions or words. Accept what you have done, own it and celebrate it as part of the perfectly authentic lovable you.

What’s you excuse not to?


Excuses are the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing. ~Steven Grayhm


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