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Empowerment Is The Lemonade Made From Lemons

What Is Your Empowerment Recipe For Lemonade?


“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” – Proverb


empowermentThe road to empowerment is full of lemons. a cool tall glass of lemonade quenches our thirst and restores our endurance during the warm summer months. As we leave the lemons yesterday behind, we need to make the perfect recipe of lemonade to enter a new day with enthusiasm and strength. The lemonade combines the lessons we have learned and the accomplishments we have celebrated. Every lemon we received in our empowerment journey was handed to us for a reason. We need to let go of the past and open our minds and let those lessons in.

The above Proverb was made famous by Dale Carnegie, when he summed up life using it in his own quote. He meant for everyone to make the best of a bad situation. So when challenges come your way how do you turn them into positives that you can learn from and then move on? Energize yourself and reflect upon what your special recipe is for your lemonade. Follow my recipe and work toward your empowerment and build your self confidence.

Here is my empowerment recipe for lemonade:

Squeeze 4 plump juicy lemons into a pitcher. Pour in sugar water to taste and ice cubes. Stir, then add the following:

½ Cup Grace – embrace your challenges with grace.

Then ¼ Cup of Release – release the negatives of your challenges and retrain your focus on the positives that theses challenges masquerade.

Next ½ Cup of Believe – believe that this situation in your journey is meant to happen. You have no other choice but to hurdle your challenges. Believe that what you encounter is meant to be and in the end you will learn so much to help you grow.

Add 1/3 Cup Understanding – understand that it is OK to be nervous scared or timid in accepting any challenge as it is. But understand that by just embracing it as something that is happening for reason, and knowing that it makes you the person you are today, makes it easier for you to hurdle any challenge.

Stir into the mixture ½ Cup Decision – decide to make choices. You need to continue forward in your life’s path. Decide to be positive, grateful, forgiving and embrace every challenge wholeheartedly.

Beat in dashes of Forgiveness – forgive yourself and others who have wronged you. Put your guilt away and remember that you have learned all you can from these wrongs so put it to rest and move your mindset to a positive note.

1 Cup of Acceptance – Accept everything in your path. Accept that you are the most perfect, authentic, lovable you that you were born to be. Accept others’ baggage and opinions as theirs to take care of – not you! Accept everything you do is yours by choice.

Finally pour into glasses and sprinkle on top of each your Intention – intend to always move forward, be generous, kind, loving and respectful of yourself first and foremost and then towards others that are around you. Intend to be happy, be kind to yourself, work hard, move forward, forgive, be grateful and not wear others opinions. Intend to journal, meditate, visualize and grow each day. Intend to strengthen your Inner Being and strive o be exactly who you are born to be!!

“It never ceases to amaze me that life, without any warning can see just how much you were actually paying attention, and throw something at you that is totally out of left field, taking your breath away while threatening to overtake you!” – Elizabeth for XquisitLife

Spiritual Empowerment Tips – Know What You Want by prosperitylighthouse


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Self Help Methods To Put The Power Of Touch Into Your Life

Moximized Mondays Self Help Weekly Topic:

What can I do  To Put The Power Of Touch Into My Life? ~ Sammy


self help


I feel very out of touch in my life. I find “touch” tough in my life as it is because I was raised in an environment with no hugs or kisses and pats on the back – literally; there were no physical demonstrations of love or affection. How can I learn the art of loving touch in my life so I can live a fuller more enriched life? ~ Sammy



Sammy, touch was the first thing we registered in birth and it is the last thing to be faithful to us in death after the rest of our senses have betrayed us. When you are used to a “touchless” environment through your development years, it might feel overwhelming when you try to create a physical relationship with anyone in your life including your children. Hugging is a learned behavior – to some this is natural and to others very awkward. This does not represent who you are as a person.


Not to fret Sammy, living a life barren of intimacy is not terminal. There are ways to self help in this area of your life. Therapeutic touching will gradually ease you into the world of sensuist – someone who delights and embraces sensory experiences as oppose to a sensualist who is person who is excessively concerned physical gratification.


If you are rarely touched, Sammy and at times feel ill, deprived or over wrought with a deep desire to touch but only find repulsion, you are not alone. Therapeutic touch can begin as simply as a monthly massage treatment. The healing qualities from a massage can last u up to three weeks. See how this self-help remedy sound to you. Visualize you – a stressed out woman – and isolate her in a tranquil massage room for a minimum of an hour. Now for the time to awaken her physical senses; each hypnotic stroke of face neck and body with essential aromatic oils and lotions curdles the blood below the skin and the nerve endings come alive with self love and excitement. Her senses peak as she listens to soothing classical or meditation music, and see the slow dance of the shadows crisscross over the dark wooden walls in rhythm to the tantalizing music. Once this magical intimate session ends her taste buds are rewarded by sips of cool sparkling water with a spritz of lemon and lime to top off the sesuist’s retreat from the real world. By bowing to your desire of self help you are a different women; a woman full of sensual creative spirit bursting to be born.


You will find this an unimaginable passage of time. When it is over you will feel peace, joy and relaxation and your body will cry for more. You will be so rejuvenated you will want to take on the world. There are other physical benefits from touch. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and when its sensory receptors are stimulated, the hormone oxytocin — the one that makes you feel good — is released. At the same time, cortisol, the stress hormone, is reduced. Consider a minimum of 8 hugs a day to continue this stimulation of oxytocin. Start with one a day and work up as you get “hooked” on the feeling of being in the arms of another person.


For the weeks in between massages continue a self help regime. I want you to touch everything you can and in doing so engage your other senses in the process so you can continue to reacquaint yourself with the wonders of touch; a life enhancing physical sense.


Ideas for a self help regime:


-Hug everything and hug lots.

-Stroke your hair

-Cuddle a teddy bear

-Feel the leaves of a tree and breathe in their scent.

-Embrace your children

-Kiss your partner or another loved one

-Caress your pets and snuggle them onto your lap

-Experience the feel of different fabrics on your cheek

-Take a sensual oil scented bath

-Hold a steaming mug of your favorite hot drink.

-Cover your bed in sensual sheets like silk or Egyptian cotton and really luxuriate in the feel of them against your bare skin.


“The First sense to ignite, touch is often the last to burn out, long after our eyes betray us, our hands remain faithful to the world.” ~ Frederich Sachs


Develop your sense of touch in small gestures and on a daily basis. Create a list that resonates with you and keep it posted where it will remind you how to develop your self help regime.


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An Appology Is Empowerment For The Soul

Apologizing – Empowerment In The Right Direction On Your Journey Of Forgiveness

“I don’t forgive people because I’m weak, I forgive them because I am strong enough to know people make mistakes.” ~ Marilyn Monroe



empowermentA fundamental corner stone to to your empowerment of forgiveness is an apology. No matter what the situation is that you find yourself immersed in, when there is a hurt involved of any degree a simple “I apologize” in sincere feeling forms an excellent starting point. A true apology cannot undo the harm that has been done but it can restore dignity to the victim. Without apologizing you have dishonored your right to forgiveness.


Do not be fearful of apologizing, believing it to be a sign of weakness. Apologizing is a sign of courage no an act of submissiveness or the handing over of power to another. An apology is a boost of empowerment to your soul. It is not asking someone to forget what you have done, but to honor that you are human and you are and you are capable to making mistakes. When a hurtful act is committed, the aggressor usurped the power of the victim.  It is only fitting that he or she reverse roles by sincerely expressing their sorrow for acting inappropriately. To not do so is to compound the offense. You rob your empowerment and the empowerment of the victim from blossoming with the fuel gained from an apology. Lacking the courage to taking responsibility for your actions chips away at your empowerment. Not offering an apology is a response to a fear you might have to the thought of losing control. Let go of the need of control. don Miguel Louis, Toltec master and author, and founder of the Sixth Sun Foundation, writes a beautiful book – The Four Agreements (A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom) (A Toltec Wisdom Book). He describes how every person’s true desire in life is to wake up each day and get from A to B. In their journey they have no intention to upset or hurt anyone in their path. When they connect with you, if you find that they have done something to offend you, it is possibly your issue not theirs. Your perception is that they have made an offense against you. In fact, if you let go of your emotional attachment to an offense, then forgiveness is much easier to give and life will become easier. By releasing yourself from the attachment to the hurt you feel, you give the offender the ability to apologize – a gift to both of you.

Empowerment benefits of apologizing:


1) Justice and fairness in this physical world extends to apologizing any time we hurt others.


2) Apologizing in a sincere way and practicing humility boosts our personal empowerment. Realizing we are not perfect, embracing these imperfections and taking responsibility for our actions authenticates whom we are.


3) “I apologize” is a gift to the victim. These two words show him or her they are worthy of an apology – validates their value. The victim’s respect and esteem, which was robed by the offense, is restored. “I apologize” is a gift to you also. It relieves you of the burden of the need for perfection. Life is easier to enjoy without the load.


4) Relationships are damaged by hurt and misunderstandings. An apology can heal an afflicted relationship because this simple act expresses the relationship’s importance to you. Its importance is the key to making amends. By accepting responsibility and showing respect for the injured party, we may actually strengthen the relationship with empowerment.


5) When you recognize and accept your weaknesses, you’ll be better able to do the same for others. People are imperfect, mistakes will be made, imbalance will occur and apologies will have to be accepted to restore harmony. The equation is simple math. Time to become a scholar!


6) We allow our victim to grow spiritually by offering the gift of forgiveness to us. This is empowerment. Not everyone will have the courage to accept an apology. Forgiveness is a character strength that comes with practice. Embrace and keep an open mind to an unaccepted apology as much as an accepted one. By recognizing that we have acted inappropriately, we are beginning to act appropriately and mend our ways.


7) By making up for the misconduct of an offense, we free ourselves from remorse, regret, guilt, and unhappiness. Instead of being ashamed of our negative behavior, we will become proud of the lesson we learned and the positive energy it produced by apologizing.


Remember these points when you have been wronged and then apologized to. Keep calm and lead with an open mind. People make mistakes. Be open to them offering you their gift of courage to admit that they were wrong and want to mend their ways. This is not easy, but your empowerment is strengthened by a conscious effort to find the source of the offense.


Empowerment Intentions – An apology isn’t complete unless we take all of the following steps:


1) Don’t hesitate – apologize quickly  - it means more and is more likely to come from your heart.


2) Admit what you did earnestly and take responsibility for your behavior.


3) Understand what you have done and the reasons for your behavior and be sincere by speaking from the heart and feeling the victim’s pain. Even when you know your actions were not motivated by a place of hurt, understand and empathize with the victim because to them you have made an offense. Understanding all sides of the situation helps to ease the situation to a suitable conclusion.


4) Allow your victim the opportunity to vent their feelings. Leave judgment at the door. Empathy is the key to creating a heart-felt apology and solving the situation.


5) Make up for the harm you’ve done by taking corrective action. Talking and listening are valuable tools to this step.


6) Learn everything you can from the experience. Lessons are gold so mine as much as you can.


7) If your victim accepts your apology, be humble and accept their pardon with gratitude and strength. This connection is empoeerment for both of your souls.


During your journey, you have seen how your mistakes and misbehavior provide you with the valuable opportunity to become a better person. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that the greatest gift you can offer yourself and others around you is to lead a life that doesn’t need any apologies – as highly optimistic and impractical it is to demand a practical life such as that. But it is a goal that with perseverance you can strive in every way to achieve to be as best as possible a person who lives her life from a place of love and light, don’t you think?

At least it is worth a try!


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Moximized Monday – Welcome 2012 With Personal Growth!

Personal Growth Topics This Week:

Coming To An Agreement with a Disagreement ~ Carolyn

Creating Roadblocks On Your Highway To Success ~ Janice

personal growth










How do you come to an agreement with someone who disagrees with you? ~ Carolyn

Agree to disagree, Carolyn and move on. People are entitled to their opinions. It is their right in their own being. Your personal growth is not dependent on what others think of you.We are all entitled to our thoughts and opinions. These thoughts and opinions are based from the input we received from the universe we are raised in. Our experiences in life determine our point of view.

So take a moment Carolyn, and try to see the disagreement from their point of view by gaining a different perspective. See if you can relate to their point of view by discovering its origin. Nobody stated that we had to agree with everyone. We put that requirement on ourselves. Our ego likes to be right and we will do anything to keep our ego happy. But really is it so hard to respect their point, accept their opinion as belonging to them with no intention of hurting us and move forward? This small step is magnified in your own personal growth.

Once you discover the source of the disagreement, and realize the respect of the position they are coming from see where their place is in your life and keep them there. Don’t expect more than that person is able to give. There is no disappointment that way. Everyone evolves along their journey at different speeds. Everyone’s personal growth is at different stages when they cross paths. By understanding this, we avoid disagreements.

It takes two to argue – so stop and listen twice as much as you speak. Acknowledge their opinion, smile and let them know you respect where they are coming from, then move on to the next topic or leave the situation completely. Keep breathing normally throughout the whole process. You will find life a lot easier and disagreements will lessen in your life.

Have a very Happy 2012 and cheers to your ever increasing personal growth!


Once again I failed to complete all I had envisioned to achieve at the beginning of this past year. Why am I not good enough to succeed in my dreams? ~ Janice

First of all Janice – you are GOOD Enough. Everyone has the right to succeed with what they wish to accomplish. The universe grants you what you desire if you just ask! Where you are at this moment in your personal growth is exactly where you should be as the universe designed it. If you take a moment and reflect back over this past year, you will see all you have succeeded at. Do you write a journal? This would be an excellent time to start one. Call it your Personal Growth Success Log. Everyday take the time to write down what you have accomplished that day. Even little things that don’t seem important at the time all add up to the completion of something better. Everything you do leads to the next stage of your journey. At the end of each month you can look back over your journal and see all you have accomplished. Next year at this time you will not be asking me the same question – I can promise you that.

Here are some personal growth pointers to help you stay on track:

Consider life a highway. There are one way streets and then there are two way streets. While it is easy to travel on the one way, staying on course when we come upon a two way avenue is sometimes too much to over come.

So reflect for a minute and ask yourself if you are traveling down a one-way street or a two-way street? Personal growth is not determined by the speed at which you are traveling but the direction in which you are heading.

Now say to yourself- “I am traveling one way towards my future!” Well congrats, celebrate. But that is very easy to do. All the traffic around you is flowing in the same direction – with you! You are all moving forward.

Now traveling along a two-way street offers you some more challenges. In contrast to traveling on a one-way street where your concentration is on the direction you are headed, a two-way course offers you distractions. If not careful, you will start to notice all the “cars” driving past you in the opposite direction.

These”cars” are heading towards where you just came from. That is confusing and unsettling to your brain. Our psyche is happy when it is surrounded by support going in the same direction, but to go back to where it came from is scary and disconcerting. The psyche wants to join the masses, stay comfortable; remain in the familiar. Going against the grain is stepping outside of one’s security blanket – that scares our psyche and it becomes confused with scattered thoughts.

So how do you avoid a collision or worst yet a reversal in your direction?

Make a conscious effort to ensure all your thoughts travel i the same direction and that direction is the same one you are determined to travel in. Don’t be happy with your thoughts taking charge and switching directions on you. Stay focused and persevere. To help you write down all that you desire – absolutely everything, leave nothing out no matter how trivial you might think the idea is – they all count. If your heart is set on something write it down. Now read your list over and over, post it on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror – any place where it will scream “read me and believe me” to you.

Do not create a traffic jam in your mind by trying to focus on your desires but spending most of your energy looking around at what others are doing and making comparisons. Stop dwelling on what you do not have. Stop taking too little action towards your goal. Stop thinking about what could go wrong. Finally stop telling everyone your desire – don’t dilute the energy needed for success by worrying what others will think of your goals. Your goals are for your enjoyment only. and concern yourself with what people might say, then you may dilute the energy needed for success.

Succeeding is not difficult but faulty thinking that throws up roadblocks is. Your personal growth depends on traversing through your challenges with as many tools as possible.


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The Greatest Gifts of The Season Derive From Your Self-Love

 The deeper your self-love, the greater the gifts you can give and receive this holiday season.


“There is only one real deprivation…and that is not being able to give one’s gifts to those one love most.” ~ May Sarton


self-loveUnderstanding the level of your self-love, helps you to give and receive true gifts from the soul. The most important gift I could give or receive this year is Time. Time with my kids, my family down south, my friends in other lands, and all the wonderful people I have met in person this year or in Social Media. But time is precious- more valuable to me than gold. It is also a resource that is limited and if expended to far can be debilitating. SO we must conserve our time to guarantee our continued energy to fuel us towards our dreams.


For those of you I cannot share a little piece of my precious gift, I send you this wonderful revision of the Twelve Days of Christmas written by Sarah Ban BreathNach. There are so many other “gifts” I can bestow on others that have infinite value and can’t be bought in any store. The depth of my self-love enables me to do so with ease. There’s no worry about size, brand, price, color, themes or return policy with these wonders of life. There are so many things we can give as presents this year that are gifts of a lifetime. Get lost in the wonder of the TRUE meaning of the season.


“On the first day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of my Undivided Attention

On the second day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Enthusiasm

On the third day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Creative Energy

On the fourth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Simple Seasonal Pleasures

On the five day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Tenderness

On the sixth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Good Cheer

On the seventh day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Beauty

On the eight day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Communication

On the ninth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Surprise

On the tenth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Wonder

On the eleven day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Peaceful Surroundings

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Gift of Joy” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach


Now it is your turn. Write your own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas and fill in the blanks with heart-felt gifts of your own. Then place your version in a beautiful greetings card of the season and wrap it up in a lovely box. Give it to some one you love. It will be the best gift you have ever given.


On the first day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the second day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________

On the third day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the fourth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

   The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the five day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

  The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the sixth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

   The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the seventh day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the eight day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the ninth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the tenth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

   The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the eleven day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________


On the twelfth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:

The Self-Love Gift of _______________________________



Have fun with this exercise and enjoy this festive season,


From my heart to all of yours – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!




Other tools for enriching your self-love:


Moxie Reading Collection


Journal, Workbooks and Daily Inspirationals


Moxie Fiction To Inspire Your Creative Soul


Moxie Inspirational Video Collection


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The Self Esteem Of Women Is Strengthened Through Prayer

One Way Or Another We Pray – Conscious Prayers Are The Best For Our Self Esteem!


Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers.  ~Austin O’Malley


self esteemWhat is a prayer and how does it affect a women’s self esteem? It has been thought of over the ages as a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship. When we asked to prayer we kneel down in front of an alter or our bed and send a prayer to our source of worship. But do you realize as women, we pray all the time?


How do we best seek communion with the God of our choice? By being grateful for everything in life, forgiving and moving forward, loving unconditionally, giving just for the heck of it, and striving to live our lives in joy and happiness. Everyday we are in prayer with every nurturing act we perform. Women without knowing it pray every moment of everyday with every heartbeat and breath their body contains.


Women all over the world tend to sick children, nurture the elderly, deal with angry office mates, soothe the aches and pains of a loved one, jump to the rescue of a fallen friend or support the dreams and desires of their partners. Prayer for us comes in pleasure and contentment; disappointment and disbelieve; longing and hunger; acceptance and relief – just to name a very few. Our self esteem in these areas improve the self esteem of those we help


We pray when we cry; we pray when we smile; we pray when we laugh; we pray when we work and we pray when we play. But for women the purest form of prayer is authentic communication. We don not have to hold back. We can say exactly what needs to be said in the exact manner it needs to be conveyed at the certain moment it needs to be expressed and we will never be judged or lose love. We trust that with our prayer that our source will guide us to say the precise syllables so there is never a misunderstanding because each word we utter is exactly the perfect word.


Why is it important for a woman’s self esteem to have this authentic conversation? Women need to be heard. We have important things that we need to share the world. By staying quiet and not opening up we become stuck and when we get stuck we can self-destruct. Silence is a killer of who we are. Nurturers’ have gifts in the form of words, thoughts and emotions, and by giving unconditionally we move forward. We pray so that we are heard. This is showing our fearless authenticity and with that we are fueled towards our greatness.


What are your ways of praying?


Can you share how you show your fearless authenticity?


How Does prayer help you with your self esteem?



Feel free to share with me in the comments below. You have a voice and I would love to hear it.


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If you have any questions please take part in my new advice column for the fearless– Moximized Mondays!

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Moximized Monday – An Empowerment Column For The Fearless!

“Just Ask Tamara” – Empowerment column now every Monday on Moximized Monday!
















Press Release:



Contact Information:

Tamara Elizabeth

Master Motivator for Women in Transition



 Tamara Elizabeth Announces Moximized Mondays – A New Empowerment Column For The Fearless


Vancouver, BC, 2011 /10 /14. Just Ask Tamara.  Author, talk show host, self-love coach and mentor, Tamara Elizabeth, launches her new Q & A Column on her website This is a new empowerment column designed for the fearless.


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss


Start your week off by boosting your self empowerment with answers to those niggling questions that pop into your mind during your exciting travel along your journey. Every Monday Tamara Elizabeth will post answers to questions that have been sent to her, on a range of topics. No question is too small or too large and if she can’t answer it she will try to find the source for you to turn to for further investigating. This column is an outlet for all women in transition to turn to and get the empowerment they need to move on in their lives. When deciding it is time to get back in the ring, asking questions and being open to answers will empower women with tools to get them back on their journey and take on the challenges still ahead in their lives with moxie. This is their voice and let them be heard.


Get started today and ask what you have desired to know the answers to. Go to and send Tamara Elizabeth your questions.  Then each Monday check out in the Moxie Blog Category “Moximized Mondays – Q & A” and see what others have asked and the answers.


“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” – Edgar Cayce


Everyone is invited to contribute to the conversations of each inquiry. This is meant to be a learning tool and sharing is totally voluntary but can be essential to helping others get through their challenges.


Enjoy this new experience and help make everybody’s Monday be as MOXIMIZED as possible – it’s just a fabulous way to start the week! Let Tamara Elizabeth be your Voice!


“Sometimes questions are more important than answers.” – Nancy Willard

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Liebster Blog Award – A Fabulous Group With Great Moxie

I have received the Liebster Blog Award

Last week, I have received a wonderful blogging award from my dear friend, fellow coach and author Barbara Conelli. I’m honored to be a part of this beautiful new wave of blogging love that’s spreading among bloggers, and I’m so happy to award the Liebster Blog Award to the following outstanding writers. So grab the button and display it on your blog. And, if you feel like it, don’t forget to forward the award to the bloggers you love! BTW – The whole point of this is to pay it forward and build community. Liebster, by the way, is a German term of affection. Too fabulous don’t you think?

Thank you Barb so much for including me in this award. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am quite so eloquently if it wasn’t for your friendship, guidance and love.

First, let me quote Barbara on the “rules”:

This award is meant to highlight newer blogs. So the blogger receiving the award links back to the blogger who awarded him/her, and tags 3-5 people. For those I am about to award, I should also point out there is no obligation to continue this award. If this is not your cup of tea, don’t worry.


Di Gorry - an inspiration to me and so many others with her fearless di-hard determination to overcome her own insecurities and in the process help women all over the world with theirs. Her new book, I Choose to BE Free, I Chose To Be Me, is reviewed in my blog and is worth every word that is written. It will help heal all that ails you when it comes to loving yourself.  Di, I love your friendship and connection and gather great strength from all you write.

Motherhoote – writing about mid-life is a grand adventure. I enjoy her experiencing life through her eyes, and feel right at home when spending some time in Motherhoots world with a good cup of tea. I have been immersed in her blog from the first moment I read it while getting ready to go on my virtual book tour. I haven’t stopped the love affair since. Thank you, Motherhoote, for being you.

Richard Levy – one of a kind in inspiration the best kind as a friend. His daily thoughts bring joy, love and life to your world, especially mine during a month long challenge. Richard has a way with words both on his blog and as a friend with a simple sentence sent to you by email. I am very proud to have him in my circle and know that life is definitely much wealthier with his words every morning. Richard, you are never far from my thoughts and I can’t start a day without yours.

Handsome Hansel (H H) – understanding the complexities of romantic relationships is a dance in its self and HH captures it all so beautifully on his site Dance Of Romance. Not only  wonderful writer but a fabulous communicator. He carbonates my writing juices by allowing a say to which continuation he should use in his story lines. Always a supporter, I am so fortunate to have such a good friend in my circle. Thank you for taking the time, HH to share your gift. There is nothing better than hunkering down to the computer with a glass of good wine and living the romantic antics of one of his magnanimous characters.

Susan Lang Puckett – She is the light in my world. Susan hasn’t started an inspirational/motivational blog YET, but I am hoping with this nudge she will put her journey down in words. Her writing inspires me to get up from a stumble, brush off my knees and walk proudly forward. Her travels and experiences have given me great strength to carry on. I love you, Susan, as a dear friend and shoulder that is never too burdened to lean on. I can always count on her critique and support a loving combination in friendship. Thank you.


Thank you again everyone for inspiring me one way or another.  My well of gratitude is never full- always room for more but my appreciation for all the support I receive is overflowing. My desire is to see this award travel the universe and create a tight-knit bond of bloggers whose one small step at a time bring loads of love to this world.

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Gratitude and Success Are Key To Your Personal Growth

Sincere gratitude will make your personal growth successful

personal growthYour personal growth is enriched by gratitude. Being grateful increases your chances for success. Saying  ‘thank you” to your universal source opens a space for more good things to come your way. The more good things coming your way enriches your personal growth.. Personal growth depends on your vibrational energy rising to a higher speed.A friend of mine, Richard Levy, has a wonderful site – Thoughts Make You Wealthy -about how thoughts determine our lives. He sends out daily “Thought” notes as reminders to how we can fulfill our dreams and desires. He sent this wonderful message on Friday and this being our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I felt it important to share, with his blessing of course.

Thank you, Richard, for your important blessing today and everyday.



Regardless of your income, level of education, or circumstances, here is one of the easiest and yet most potent ways to succeed and become wealthy: constantly look for reasons to be grateful, then express your thanks to the Power-by whatever name you give it.


You’ve found or received unexpected money? Feel gratitude and express thankfulness to the Power! Be appreciative for having the money and sincerely thank the Power for bringing it to you. Repeat your expression of gratitude and thankfulness. Create an unending cycle of gratitude and thankfulness, and you will open yourself to more money.


You’ve solved an issue? Feel gratitude and express thankfulness to the Power! Be grateful for the solution and say thank-you to the Power for making everything work out. Repeat your words of gratitude and thanks.Create a never-ending cycle of thanksgiving, and you will open yourself to a more harmonious life.


The more you repeat to yourself what you are grateful and thankful for, the more success and prosperity you attract. You open this flow of abundance with your own thoughts.


Be truly appreciative of all good, of every size and in every form. Be conscious of every benefit you enjoy. Thank God, the universe, the Power, the Energy-whatever you wish to call it. Love and praise it. Whatever we thank and love, we nurture and grow.


You want to manifest wealth, health, success, happiness, and intimate relationships in your life. All day, every day, express your thanks to the Source of all that is good.


Thoughts Make You Wealthy. Wealth and success start with what you choose to think and talk about most of the day.

Prosperous thoughts,

Richard Levy


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Happiness Is The Seed Of Empowerment

Empowerment Reflection Exercise – A Grateful Attitude Brings Happiness


empowermentHappiness is the seed to empowerment. The journey is in pursuit of joy and happiness living from a place of love and light. A grateful attitude creates a perpetual state happiness to your life. Be happy because you are thankful. Be thankful you are happy. In every empowerment situation, choose to focus on the positive instead of what needs to be improved. When you pay more attention to the things that are going well, it is easy for you to be grateful. Self empowerment originates from focusing on the greatest good from any outcome – whether you were satisfied with the outcome or not.


Refrain from forming comparisons because comparison always leads to disapproval. There will always be someone with a better car or a better job, but those things are irrelevant to how you see yourself.


When you look at your life, see someone who works hard to secure the best position for success. Be grateful for every opportunity.


“I am grateful because my life is far better than it could be. Grace and providence save me from the path of destruction and allow me to live out my dreams.”


Your thankful heart stems from a clear understanding of your rich blessings. Be prosperous in every area of your life. Life, health, and relationships are my greatest blessings.


“Happiness comes with me wherever I go because my mind is set on appreciating the blessings in every situation.”


Whenever you lose focus, begin to feel sorry for yourself, or start to complain about your life, remind yourself of those who are less fortunate.


“I remind myself of how blessed I am when compared to the homeless, the orphans, and the lonely.”


“Today, I enjoy happiness through gratitude. I choose to be thankful for what I have regardless of what I don’t have. I know that I don’t need more things to be grateful; I need to be more grateful for the things that I have.”


Take Action Now:



Empowerment Reflection Questions:


1. Am I constantly waiting on something else to complete my joy?

2. How can I eradicate complaints from my thoughts?

3. Why is it necessary to abstain from comparisons?


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