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To Be Enlightened is To Be “In Light” With Self-Love

 When you are enlightened you have discovered and become immersed in self-love – you are “In Light”.


You have come out of the darkness and discovered your brilliance in the light of love. Your life is all about self-love. Love is the heart of everything that is important to you. Love is the highest vibrational place you can be in the universe. This self-love that penetrates you is unconditional and the love you radiate back is also unconditional – there in lies your brilliance.


The word “enlighten” is defined as to give intellectual or spiritual light to.In the wonderful book, “A Return To Love”, Marianne Williamson describes her powerful journey through finding her purpose in life with the commitment of studying “A Course In Miracles” (written by Dr. Helen Schucman.)  Marianne does a wonderful job of explaining and outlining the importance of understanding that all there is in life is love – nothing else is a reality.


Practicing Heart Space Meditation is a wonderful way to increase your brilliance. Spend 5 minutes a day connecting with your heart space, filling it with the golden light of unconditional self-love. As you imagine filling your heart space with the ever-flowing golden light, feel it spilling out over and into the space that surrounds you. Direct this love towards those you love and adore. Then take it one step further and send this bountiful energy to those that have wronged you. Don’t worry, you have more than enough self-love to spread around. This world can use all the love that is available.


Worries, guilt and fear have no place in your vibrational plain. You can greet these little monsters at the door; invite them to share their lessons and then move on to the next room. By setting your intention to live your life in self-love, the strength of that energy pushes those demons to the back of your psyche enabling you to get on with living the perfectly authentic life you were meant to be living.


So set yourself free to live your life enlightened with self-love and your focus firmly in the direction of love for others around you.


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