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Believe In Your Courage; Trust Your Self Confidence

I Think I Could, I Think I Could, I Think I Could…..I Have The Self Confidence To Know I Can!!

self confidenceSelf confidence does not depend on others approval. In life, you learn that the people who surround you do not always support you. The only person you can truly depend on is yourself. When you learn to love yourself, you learn to trust your choices and thoughts no matter what others might think or say and your self confidence soars.

Loving yourself enforces the policy to surround you with people who have the same beliefs, and the more you believe “I can” do anything, the more self confidence you attract into your life.

This thought reminded me of the childhood story I had read repeatedly and ten read to my children when they were young – “The Little Engine That Could” by Mary C. Jacobs. The story of a switch engine that didn’t have enough confidence to believe that he could pull his train cars up and over the hill to its final destination.

This little engine asked many engines he passed who were larger and stronger if they would help him but each had their own life to live and no time to help the little engine in his quest.

It was until this little engine asked another switch engine – not much bigger than him – if he could help him that he found the support he needed – “I’ll be glad to help you if I can.” The little engine was so happy to have found a friend and supporter.

Immediately the little engine’s new friend started helping to pull the train cars up the hill, all the while chugging, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……” When the job was successfully completed, the little engine had all his cars over the huge hill and was now able to carry on to his destination on his own. He was so grateful for the teamwork of his new friend. The little engine now new he had it in him to complete his job. He also learned that he had to change his mindset to a very positive one like his new friend had.

As the “little engine that could” found out, you can do whatever you need to do if only you put a positive intention and affirmation to the task. A positive mindset will get you farther than a negative one. Not everyone you come across will help you, but they are part of your journey and as the little engine discovered the bigger, stronger engines refusal to help him led him to meeting his new friend and in turn he learned what can be accomplished by having a positive mindset. This would not have happened if the bigger, stronger engines had just done the job for him.

Today, I want you to write this self confidence intention, “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!” Then Feel it! Believe it! Achieve it!


Story on YouTube

Briana’s Playroom Bedtime Storie


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Empowerment Is The Lemonade Made From Lemons

What Is Your Empowerment Recipe For Lemonade?


“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” – Proverb


empowermentThe road to empowerment is full of lemons. a cool tall glass of lemonade quenches our thirst and restores our endurance during the warm summer months. As we leave the lemons yesterday behind, we need to make the perfect recipe of lemonade to enter a new day with enthusiasm and strength. The lemonade combines the lessons we have learned and the accomplishments we have celebrated. Every lemon we received in our empowerment journey was handed to us for a reason. We need to let go of the past and open our minds and let those lessons in.

The above Proverb was made famous by Dale Carnegie, when he summed up life using it in his own quote. He meant for everyone to make the best of a bad situation. So when challenges come your way how do you turn them into positives that you can learn from and then move on? Energize yourself and reflect upon what your special recipe is for your lemonade. Follow my recipe and work toward your empowerment and build your self confidence.

Here is my empowerment recipe for lemonade:

Squeeze 4 plump juicy lemons into a pitcher. Pour in sugar water to taste and ice cubes. Stir, then add the following:

½ Cup Grace – embrace your challenges with grace.

Then ¼ Cup of Release – release the negatives of your challenges and retrain your focus on the positives that theses challenges masquerade.

Next ½ Cup of Believe – believe that this situation in your journey is meant to happen. You have no other choice but to hurdle your challenges. Believe that what you encounter is meant to be and in the end you will learn so much to help you grow.

Add 1/3 Cup Understanding – understand that it is OK to be nervous scared or timid in accepting any challenge as it is. But understand that by just embracing it as something that is happening for reason, and knowing that it makes you the person you are today, makes it easier for you to hurdle any challenge.

Stir into the mixture ½ Cup Decision – decide to make choices. You need to continue forward in your life’s path. Decide to be positive, grateful, forgiving and embrace every challenge wholeheartedly.

Beat in dashes of Forgiveness – forgive yourself and others who have wronged you. Put your guilt away and remember that you have learned all you can from these wrongs so put it to rest and move your mindset to a positive note.

1 Cup of Acceptance – Accept everything in your path. Accept that you are the most perfect, authentic, lovable you that you were born to be. Accept others’ baggage and opinions as theirs to take care of – not you! Accept everything you do is yours by choice.

Finally pour into glasses and sprinkle on top of each your Intention – intend to always move forward, be generous, kind, loving and respectful of yourself first and foremost and then towards others that are around you. Intend to be happy, be kind to yourself, work hard, move forward, forgive, be grateful and not wear others opinions. Intend to journal, meditate, visualize and grow each day. Intend to strengthen your Inner Being and strive o be exactly who you are born to be!!

“It never ceases to amaze me that life, without any warning can see just how much you were actually paying attention, and throw something at you that is totally out of left field, taking your breath away while threatening to overtake you!” – Elizabeth for XquisitLife

Spiritual Empowerment Tips – Know What You Want by prosperitylighthouse


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Bringing The Child In You To The Surface To Love Yourself

Love Yourself Enough To Strengthen Your Power of Positive Thought


The children desire freedom! And every particle of their being from their Source says, “You are free. You are so free, that every thought you offer, the entire Universe jumps to respond to it.” And so, to take that kind of knowledge and try to confine it in any way, defies the Laws of the Universe. You must allow your children to be free, because the entire Universe is set up to accommodate that. And anything you do to the contrary will only bring you regret. You cannot contain those that cannot be contained. It defies Law.

— Abraham


Watch children play at a playground. See how they do everything effortlessly and without much fear. Children are the ultimate positive thinkers. They know what they want and they have no fear on getting exactly what they want. They haven’t learned that life throws up challenges and that there are rules and boundaries to be obeyed. They truly allow their “inner being” lead the way without even knowing it.

Life to a child is just one big adventure. They have no fears of things. They are willing are to try anything. You always see them optimistic and happy and if they aren’t it is because they don’t know why they cannot have things just they way they are meant to have it. They positively believe that everything at their reach is theirs for the taking and why not? Their “inner child” has not developed yet. So they just put themselves out there to learn and experience everything they can out of their life. Love yourself enough to let the child out to play.

The amazement that children have for life is how they learn, develop their identity and live in a positive manner. This positive manner is reinforced by the fact that they do not instantly jump to the negative in any of their given situations. They don’t know about bad only good because their parents or guardians protect them from all the bad they can. Children have a faith that we have forgotten to practice once we become adults. We dwell on the negative instead of embracing the positive. Love yourself and refocus your vibrational energy on positive things.

Have you ever had a child suddenly stop, bend down to pick a flower beside them and then excited stuff it up into your face for you to smell? Children stop “to smell the roses” – we as adults tend to just walk by.

Love yourself enough to practice the faith a child has. Slow down. Take the “to-do’s” out of your day and enjoy your journey. Enjoy the little things like a child would and you will see that the positives in your life will naturally over take your negatives.

Explore being a child for 24 hours and see how you feel and what you experience. Try the following:

Love Yourself and Ignore all rules! – Children ignore rules all the time. Although it can get them into trouble or even danger, they usually end up having so much fun because they were doing something they were not supposed to do. Defying authority can be an adrenaline rush so break a few rules and let yourself act like a kid again.

Love yourself and Do Not walk away from a challenge – watch a child face a challenge. They gather momentum at the prospect of putting the puzzle piece in the correct shaped hole. It is as if they know they will get it and so why not have fun while trying. Try to accept all your challenges in your life as a child embraces them. Feel the excitement of learning from your challenge instead of taking away only the negative. And never walk away; meet it face on and embrace and enjoy the moment.

Love yourself and Explore, Explore, Explore – all new things! – Through fear of the unknown away and walk up to it and shake its hand. Children are always exploring and this is how they learn. So explore like you never have before. Throw caution to the wind.

Love yourself and “Pretend” – Make believe you are where you have always wished to travel. Imagine you are the person you have always wanted to be – YOU. Pretending is the way children play and use their imagination. So get away from your normal life and play make believe. It is healthy for the soul and the mind. The most important thing is to have fun! – it will definitely put a smile on your face.

Love Yourself and be Happy in a messy and unrestricted way – Children love to make a mess. This is the way they have fun exploring and learning how things go in their little worlds. So if you make a mess don’t get mad at yourself play in it learn from it and most of all enjoy it!

Bring the child out in you. Watch children play. See and enjoy the carefree way they just interact with each other of find ways to entertain themselves. The difference between children and adults is that we have responsibilities – but don’t let responsibilities keep you from practicing your child like abilities, responsibilities are just excuses your inner child wants you to dwell on so you have the excuse to not be positive in your thinking. Excuses kill positive thinking. Acknowledge your responsibilities but in no way let them keep you from having fun!


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“Loss” Is The Teacher Of Great Personal Growth Lessons

Look at loss in life as a source of light – a beacon that lets us know that personal growth is constantly moving forward.


personal growthIf we are alive, we cannot not experience loss along our journey of personal growth. Loss is a very real part of everyday life. As we head into mid-life we sometimes feel we are in crisis. We feel loss everywhere we turn; loss of our youth, loss of a relationship, loss of children to significant others, careers or school. We feel the loss of friendships, friends or relatives though death. Loss just circles us like buzzards over a carcass in a hot desert. We feel the silence of loss – it is so loud that it screeches at us to listen, but we tend to cover our ears. It can take a toll on our personal growth adventure- but only if we let it.


Turn the word loss around – SSOL. Amongst these letters is the word “sol” which is Spanish for “sun.” The sun represents the center of our universe. It signifies growth, warmth and guidance of light. It is a certainty in our lives that the sun will rise each morning to lead us through the day and set each night to rest the weary, only to rise once again the next morn right on schedule whether we can see it or not. This is a natural cycle personal growth strives on.


So refocus your energy on loss. Look at it a source of light – a beacon that lets us know that personal growth is constantly moving forward. Look at loss as a new opening made on  life’s shelf that is filled with golden treasures. Where the dust never fell is a space to fill with new trinkets of our journeys. Let loss be the teacher of learning to cherish life more.


Nothing slams the effects of loss into us as a sudden death. We all know that we should live life in the moment but when someone close to us suddenly dies we are shook to the core with our own mortality. We wonder if we knew then what we know now could we have prevented the loss? But going back, we find that to change the “then” is impossible and waste of energy. We are alive and should celebrate what this moment or day in our personal growth path brings. We should cherish it and not wish it away. Let the day reveal its twists and turns as an unruly monster roller – coaster because life is a mystery. With any loss this day brings, we have the choice on how to react and with that choice we have the gratitude for the “now” that is meant to happen.


Make each day in this mid-life journey count. Find one moment of joy or pleasure to taste. Call a dear friend or find a person to bestow love on. Even share a vibrant smile with someone new, but no matter what kind of day you perceive it to be, live today in your brilliance and let your personal growth shine. Allow the “sol” to guide you to a perfectly wonderful day and allow any loss to guide you into discovering what you want to fill its spot in the future. Bask in all you have in living today and each day from now on, into its fullest.


“I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.” – Walter Anderson


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Personal Growth Journey Is A Roller Coaster Ride


When Life Becomes A Roller Coaster, Climb into the Front Seat, Throw Your Arms in the Air, & ENJOY THE PERSONAL GROWTH RIDE!!!!!!!!


Life is full of ups and downs. If you’re anything like me, more than once you’ve prayed to God to take away some of the low spots.

If I had only realized that the experience I was trying to avoid was actually a life -alters opportunity that shaped me into the women I am today, I would have yelled,” Hit me with your best shot!”

Knowing this after the fact didn’t make it any easier, but looking back I realized I am much better now for having endured it. Besides, I’d never have realized how high I have gotten without the perspective of how low I had actually been.

The real lesson to be learned is that we need to face our challenges head –on with grace, style and conviction….”



A close friend of mine wrote me this quote. It touched a cord in my personal growth journey, so I thought I would share it.


personal growthI have always looked at life as a journey in personal growth traveled through a series of hills and valleys. Sometimes the valleys are so low that the tops of the hills are hidden behind clouds lost and forgotten. It is difficult sometimes to believe there is another peak to aim for. A we enter each valley there is knowledge that the only way out is to climb back up the valley wall to the mountaintop where everything is so much clearer.


But looking upon life, as a roller-coaster seems so much more fun and adventuresome and I love an adventure. It gets the blood cursing faster through your veins, your breathing increases and exhilaration bursts through every pore in your body. The ups, the downs and the strange gravitational curves that our personal growth journey has us travel upon cannot be sidestepped if we are meant to grow and blossom. To reach our desires and dreams we must venture outside our comfort zone and with that come challenges. Fears try to hinder our successes by magnifying the challenges ahead of us. Our courage is fueled with the knowledge that at the end of the roller coaster ride we safely arrive at our destination unscathed but energized with adrenalin because we have succeeded once again.


So the next time your personal growth journey starts to resemble a roller coaster, climb into the front seat, throw your arms in to the air, scream with excitement and anticipation. Then enjoy the ride – the ride of your life.

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To Be Enlightened is To Be “In Light” With Self-Love

 When you are enlightened you have discovered and become immersed in self-love – you are “In Light”.


You have come out of the darkness and discovered your brilliance in the light of love. Your life is all about self-love. Love is the heart of everything that is important to you. Love is the highest vibrational place you can be in the universe. This self-love that penetrates you is unconditional and the love you radiate back is also unconditional – there in lies your brilliance.


The word “enlighten” is defined as to give intellectual or spiritual light to.In the wonderful book, “A Return To Love”, Marianne Williamson describes her powerful journey through finding her purpose in life with the commitment of studying “A Course In Miracles” (written by Dr. Helen Schucman.)  Marianne does a wonderful job of explaining and outlining the importance of understanding that all there is in life is love – nothing else is a reality.


Practicing Heart Space Meditation is a wonderful way to increase your brilliance. Spend 5 minutes a day connecting with your heart space, filling it with the golden light of unconditional self-love. As you imagine filling your heart space with the ever-flowing golden light, feel it spilling out over and into the space that surrounds you. Direct this love towards those you love and adore. Then take it one step further and send this bountiful energy to those that have wronged you. Don’t worry, you have more than enough self-love to spread around. This world can use all the love that is available.


Worries, guilt and fear have no place in your vibrational plain. You can greet these little monsters at the door; invite them to share their lessons and then move on to the next room. By setting your intention to live your life in self-love, the strength of that energy pushes those demons to the back of your psyche enabling you to get on with living the perfectly authentic life you were meant to be living.


So set yourself free to live your life enlightened with self-love and your focus firmly in the direction of love for others around you.


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Understanding the Self Confidence Of The Authentic Woman

Authenticity Promotes Self Confidence.

Who Are We?

As women, we have to understand who we really are and develop our self confidence as we are meant to be in order to live fulfilling lives. Every day as we grow, we discover new things about us. We are remarkable individuals with so much to share in the great universe of ours. It is imperative that we embrace, celebrate and develop all our areas of our lives so that we can reap the riches of our hard work.

As we travel along this journey to self confidence, we endeavor to find our spirituality. We are spiritual beings, first and foremost, and we cannot deny this. We must create a balance with our spiritual and materialistic sides. This is key to our self confidence and without its understanding, we would never be able to follow the course of our journey as called upon by the universe. Without our belief in our spirituality, we would never be able to embrace our challenges. Once embraced, we can then turn our energies around and learn all we can from these challenges.  Questioning our existence helps in our continual growth. We are born and we exist – proof of our spirituality.

When we learn to embrace our emotions, we can make the choices we make with clarity and in sight. We are emotional beings with a collection of attitudes that were formed by our surroundings and the social environment we grew up within. Our Inner Child tries to have a stronger voice than the voice of the Inner Being but we must learn to control our Inner child and focus our attention on the voice we were born with – Inner Being. Our inner being shapes our self confidence, our inner child tries to destroy it, she has self confidence issues herself. We have a great deal of choice when it comes to letting our emotions rule our actions. With time we learn how to utilize our positive over our negative emotions.

Women love to be with others and interact in various levels of being. We are naturally social beings. We need human interaction so we can learn, communicate and develop personally with each other.  We find out so much about ourselves by doing this. But with that being said, we must strengthen our self confidence so as to let the opinions and criticisms of our interactions with others bounce off our backs. We cannot wear others baggage but leave it all at the curb. On our journey to self-love, we discover the tools on how to learn to interact with others while maintaining the perfectly authentic person we were born to be.

With our love of interacting with others, proves one thing – we exist therefore we are physiological beings. In order for us to develop into the strong women we are meant to be, we must look after our physiological side as well as our spiritual side. Embracing our bodies as they are and learning to live a healthy lifestyle, helps us to grow into our strong self-esteem. “We are what we eat” is a measure of truth. But how we feel about what we put in our bodies is just as important. If we train ourselves to believe that everything we do for ourselves is for the betterment, and confidently think about the food we ingest as positive – we will always feel so much better about ourselves. If we are to love ourselves, we must be kind to our bodies as well as our minds and souls.

Our interaction with others does not end with learning and communication. We need to interact for another survival reason – economics. We have evolved into economically orientated beings. Our survival and growth depends in part with being able to trade items that create an economy. Once an economy is established our survival soars and together as a human race we improve our status in this world. As women, the more we contribute to our economy, the stronger our self confidence gets and that in turn improves our self-esteem and that strengthens our physical existence in this world.

There are many more elements that make up our existence. But understanding these basic key elements helps you to understand yourself.  We are known to be complicated creatures, but as you develop each of these elements that make up your being, you will find all you need to fulfilling your soul of self confidence. It’s that easy!

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Empowerment Question – How Full is Your Dash?

Empowerment is built on accomplishments. All accomplishments are documented in the dash (-) found between your birth date and death date.


empowermentHave you considered what the line means between the birth and death date? Today I watched an absolutely beautiful short empowerment video about a very small punctuation mark and its significance in our lives. The Dash by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson is motivational, inspirational, thought provoking and a great “a-ha” to get your creative juices going.

Have you ever thought about your life as a dash (-) that exists between your birth date and the date you leave your physical experience on this earth?  The hyphen that is found between these two important dates in your journey contains so much more information than can be said in one eulogy. The dash is one size and one size fits all but what you have contained in that single small line is determined by you and you alone.

In that small space of ink is your empowerment; all your dreams, your gratitude, your forgiveness, your successes, your dreams, your goals, your passion, your fulfillment, your joy, your peace, and your balance. It links you to the friends you have made, the children you have nurtured, and the people you have touched. It holds the mark you leave behind in this world. I reflects not only the level of empowerment you have attained but also the level of empowerment you have instilled within others.

We don’t realize how punctuation can affect our lives until it is pointed out to us. It has been said that the period should be used sparingly, when writing our intentions and self-affirmations, as it tends to signify to the universe the finality of that thought – when thoughts are never final but always evolving. The dash or hyphen is not just a pause in written communication or a bridge between thoughts. It can signify all that we are in our physical and spiritual presence.

If you put your life’s journey into this perspective you will see that there is no room for regrets, fears, opinions of others, negative energy, and guilt because you want to stack that little line with only the best your life has to offer. There is absolutely no room for spiritual garbage.

So think about this tiny piece of punctuation and reflect on your life so far. Have you filled your dash with everything you have wanted to store there so far? What more can you accomplish or wish to strive for? Set an intention give some thought to your dreams and goals and see how you can branch out further from your comfort zone and grow and evolve into the perfect person you were born to be. Your empowerment is yours to determine.

“They say such nice things about people

at their funerals that it makes me sad

to realize that I’m going to miss

mine by just a few days.”

~ Garrison Keillor

PS – watch this empowerment video, The Dash, and see what I mean!!


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The Self-Love Act of Writng a Will

Share Your Self-Love By Writing Down Your Dreams and Desires For Your Loved Ones In A Will.

self-loveOne of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in the honor of self–love is writing your will. A gift you say? Even thinking about the contents of a will upsets people to the point that they just don’t bother. Did you know that stats show nearly 65% of adults don’t have a will? It’s a very hard stat to evaluate since it includes everyone over the age of majority and let’s face it young adults think they will live forever and don’t even consider a will till they marry and have children – if even then. It is important to write your will so that there is an orderly transfer of property and belongings from you, the testator, to your loved ones, the beneficiaries. This self-love act transfers your dreams and accomplishments on so others may benefit from your journey or incorporate it into their own life journeys.

I had to do this very act the other day – rewrite my will. It is not pleasant talking about “me” as if you no longer exist but it is imperative to contemplate and design. I believe the process to be “self-love” – able. I owe it to me and to my loved ones to be able to say now what I cannot say once I have left this physical world. This is the self-love gift I give to myself and to my loved ones. I made sure that all my assets and debts are organized in a manner that my family members do not have to be concerned with the problems of an unorganized estate.

There are intestacy laws for those that do not make a will but why leave your assets in the hands of a stranger? Why not allocate where and how everything you have acquired over your lifetime will go while you still have the opportunity to do so? You have worked so hard to have beautiful things for your family but they might not be available for them once you have passed. Why would you do that to you – who worked so hard to preserve your sacred self-love – or to your loved ones who you have made sure to provide for?

Self-love is about doing what is right for you at all times and doing good things for you that make you happy; it is about nurturing your soul and making sure that you put ‘you” first. It is about you ensuring your authenticity at all costs. Self –love is about being kind to yourself first and foremost. What better way to ensure that than by writing down all your wishes and desires to be accomplished after you have passed?

The death of a family member is something people don’t like to foresee or discuss. However, since death is inevitable, taking practical steps like making a will, secures the future of your precious family members.

Self-love is like a mirror, which reflects the love you have for yourself onto others. That love will be as deep for them as the love you have gathered within you.


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Personal Growth Is A Journey Of Self-Love-Not A Destination

Personal Growth IS About The Journey NOT The Destination, A Journey Of Self-Love – This Project Continues in October 2012


The Journey From Conflict to Collaboration –  The Old City – Jerusalem, Israel – July 5th 2012


As I searched for my purpose during my personal growth journey, I stumbled upon and now belong to a women’s global organization called This organization’s vision is to have western women hold the space of peace for women in regions of conflict. This is in keeping with the 2009 proclamation of the Dalai Lama  ~ “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” In the middle of last month – June 2012_ I received a call from braveheart’s founder, Dr. Ellie Drake, asking me if I would answer the call to hop on a plane and go to Jerusalem to hold the space of peace for Palestinian and Israeli women, representing the western women of North America in her organization. I accepted, went and experienced the most amazing personal growth transformation in every women involved especially within myself. We are an incredible species.


I will share over the next days to come my personal growth  journey in Israel leading up to July 5th 2012.  I hope you can feel the transformation as I witnessed it. I now will lead 33 western women back to Jerusalem in October of this year.


For more information please check out


PART EIGHT – Please enjoy…


personal growthThe women slowly trickled out the door taking home with them the images and memories of this mystical day. I sat down for a moment and tried to absorb everything – Impossible, my soul as full. I noticed “She” energy taking a nap under the coffee table. I let her rest. “She” had worked hard and achieved so much. So much more than I thought possible. Do you remember when you gave birth and looked into the face of your new bundle of joy? Do you remember the immense joy and deep burning love? Do you remember how you wanted to burst at the seams with happiness? Do you remember the sense that you would protect and give this precious soul everything you could in life? That is the feeling I am talking about.

I cleaned up the venue of the littered cups and napkins all the while revolving thoughts and emotions through my storage unit in my brain. The photographer was busy creating his masterpiece and I noticed him shaking his head. When we inquired about is body language he couldn’t answer at first. His crew had the same look in their eyes. Haviier said what he witnessed in person and caught on film that day would forever change his mind at how he looked at his beautiful wife and forever alter his life in this region, as he currently knew it. He had tears -they matched our own. A crew member said she didn’t really want to come today to photograph this event as she was working on very little sleep from working on a wedding the day before. She had the most beautiful penetrating green eyes. She turned to me and stared into mine. She told me that she would not have missed this vent for the world. She told us she photographed the eyes of the women as they started the day and kept tapping in with her film throughout the day. She couldn’t believe the transformation – eyes turning from cold, lifeless stares to warm loving sparkles of personality.  She believed they captured the souls on film and that we would be able to see them once back in North America. They all thanked us for allowing them to share this event and offered to lead us out from Beit Jala back into Jerusalem.

I didn’t have a chance to see the film of the day but Mirna did and it played on her face as the tears ran down. She cried and cried, with the emotion of it all. The accomplishment of it all and proof that women from all walks of life with all forms of communication CAN come together as non biological sisters and rise above the mind to connect through the soul. Crying turned o laughter and boy di we laugh. As Ellie shows us laughter is truly a most magical medicine.

When we walked back into the venue to collect our belongings, the chairs had been returned to a circle formation. “She” was sitting in one of the chairs smiling. I knew at that moment this was the sign to indicate that Beit Jala is summoning us –all 33 of us home in October. There are places for all of us and “She” is waiting to orchestrate her magic and mysticism again.

7 hours after we arrived in Beit Jala, we made our trek back into Jerusalem with the sun setting slowly along the west hills. The light was perfect for taking pictures and we decided to celebrate our weary bodies by visiting the Old City and offering prayers of thanks at the Western Wall.

We drove into the Old city and were transferred immediately back more than 4000 years to biblical times. The energy was even more intense that the degree we create with “She” today in West Bank. We find parking and meander our way over to the entrance of the West Wall. We enter the women’s entrance and watch the setting sun vibrate off the beautiful Jerusalem rock. A wedding is being performed beside us and the music is so uplifting. We boogie again! Once in near the Western Wall we take paper and a pen and we meditate our prayers onto the paper. Then we trek to the wall finding a space to touch the wall and place our message in one of the thousands of cracks along harboring thousands of other messages of hope.

I moved to the very right of the women’s portion of the praying wall. I found my spot and touché the wall to begin my immense gratitude to my Source for all I received and witnessed that day. Not long after I connected with the wall when the energy ran up my arm and into my heart cavity. The jolt was so strong that I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack right there before God. I quickly removed my hand and the tension eased so I replace my hand on the same spot. The jolt was just as intense so I said my prayers quickly and released my hand once again. Remembering my heart chakra had been opened wide during Hana’s healing ceremony, I knew that I was full – past the full mark with spiritual energy. I am sure I was a new glow-in-the-dark figurine from Hasbro.  I left the Wall by respecting tradition and backing away from the Wall until I was far enough away to not insult the faith by walking forward.

We discovered that this day was a very important day in the Jewish faith. The highest level of Rabbi was visiting the Old City, there was a very special significance to the Star of David AND the full moon. The full moon rose over the Old City in Jerusalem as we all stood along a wall and watched the magical continue to grow that evening. We were tired but fulfilled souls. We were one with each other and with all our new sisters. “She” was siting on the moon gleaming, waving to me, and knowing her part in all this. “She” is ready for the next journey. “She” is with us all so embrace her. I did without knowing all I know now so can you.


I hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane. I hope this empowers you to answer the call and realize your part in it all. This was an adventure of a lifetime  – “She” is waiting…

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