Self-Help Book “Girl Get Your Fight Back”

My new self-help book to empower you!

Have you every tried to face life’s challenges, only to feel weak, lonely, and discouraged at the end of the day? Are you having trouble moving forward? Do you need tools to help you recover from a fall? Pick yourself up and get back into the ring?

Well, now you can learn how to do all of this with a new book that I am proud to be a contributing author of entitledGirl, Get Your Fight Back!” by Elizabeth Felder.

Girl, Get Your Fight Backwill empower you to:

  • Build Lasting Relationships

  • Take Control of Your Money

  • Overcoming Your Own Fears

  • Set Goals for a Brighter Future

  • Improve Your Health & Self-Esteem







In “Girl, Get Your Fight Back” , myself and six other consultants, coaches, and professionals, have created a must-read for women who want to recover from setbacks, rebuild their self-esteem, and grow their bank account. Seven shared stories of pain and tragedy to empower women to overcome changes in everyday life. There is heart and tears in this book from each author in which every reader can relate to.

Our hope is that every person who reads this book will find encouragement and strength to persevere in the midst of battles. This is a not just a group of stories but a powerful tool and resource to change someone’s life. There is hope, and you can find The Power to Get Your Fight Back!

Paperback and Kindle now available on

As a bonus in this book, you will receive the “7 Step Girl, Get Your Fight Back” Plan, “Weight Loss” Fight Back Plan, Fight Back “After A Breakup Plan,” and “Fight Back “Start Your Own Business” Plan. ORDER YOUR BOOK TODAY!


“Through suffering, I survive and move forward in my journey – I Got My Fight Back!” ~ Tamara Elizabeth

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