Daily Intentions

Daily Intentions to Becoming a More Fabulous Positive You!

Do you wake up everyday with a goal? Do you open your eyes and envision before you the life you want to live that day? Are you enthusiastic to see what this new day has head for you? Is your blood carbonated as your enthusiasm mounts with the feeling of excitement that your intention for his day will unfold exactly as you had dreamed?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, then this eBook is for you. My intention with writing this eBook is to inspire you to create intentions everyday so that your journey is filled with happiness and achievements. You choose what you think and what you feel each day. Starting with a positive intention will help your energies attract the abundance that is yours for the asking.Writing these intentions in your journal, understanding the meaning each has for you and your desires and focusing your energy on this intention throughout your day will help you create a more positive mindset.

A strong positive mindset helps to boost your self-esteem and that in turn boosts your positive thinking and your intention becomes a reality. So work through this workbook and learn how to create intentions that are best for you in your journey. Create a habit that will be the best tool (and friend) you will discover to living your perfectly authentic loveable life.

Daily Intentions to Becoming a More Fabulous Positive You! – $9.97 USD

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