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I just happened to click on an advertisement on face book of one of your inspirational books and I ended up going through every article you had available and I wanted to let you know that you have touched me far beyond any anti-depressants have helped thus far and as I was reading about you, I understood why. Your personal experience is indeed an asset to all those of us that live the pain of life’s hardships and excruciating pain. Your articles are very motivating….you held me spell bound article after article. It touched home to me and all I went through in my life and the long road ahead. You connect with people because of your wisdom that comes from your personal experiences, and I believe that makes a major difference.

-GeorgiaKamisisB  www.blogtalkradio.com/georgiakamisisb

I like her strength and Determination most. I am inspired by Tamara Elizabeth because she does what she sets out to do! Her determination and positivity are her biggest strengths. She has been dealt a difficult hand and has really turned it around  and made something wonderful out of some very trying times. I describe Tamara as determined, positive, bright, strong and delightful! I was surprised on how much she has accomplished in such a short time. – Zenija Esmits , Designer www.zenija.com

Tamara Elizabeth is a wise, charming, caring and honest lady, who knows her self-worth and respects herself as much as she respects others. She is a loyal friend, and a fabulously creative soul. As a coach, she is always on your side. When you work with her, you know you can trust her completely. She never judges and she always understands you because she knows exactly what you’re going through and why. Her personal experience is her biggest asset thanks to which her coaching skills go far beyond the skills of other coaches, and reach much deeper. She can feel you and she guides you to help you uncover your real, beautiful and precious self you have lost along the way. When you lose hope or strength, she’s always there for you as a light at the end of a dark tunnel, to lift you up, hold you accountable and make you believe in yourself.  – Barbora Knobova, Phd  Self-Love Coach and Author www.DeliciousPath.com



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