Believe In Your Courage; Trust Your Self Confidence

I Think I Could, I Think I Could, I Think I Could…..I Have The Self Confidence To Know I Can!!

self confidenceSelf confidence does not depend on others approval. In life, you learn that the people who surround you do not always support you. The only person you can truly depend on is yourself. When you learn to love yourself, you learn to trust your choices and thoughts no matter what others might think or say and your self confidence soars.

Loving yourself enforces the policy to surround you with people who have the same beliefs, and the more you believe “I can” do anything, the more self confidence you attract into your life.

This thought reminded me of the childhood story I had read repeatedly and ten read to my children when they were young – “The Little Engine That Could” by Mary C. Jacobs. The story of a switch engine that didn’t have enough confidence to believe that he could pull his train cars up and over the hill to its final destination.

This little engine asked many engines he passed who were larger and stronger if they would help him but each had their own life to live and no time to help the little engine in his quest.

It was until this little engine asked another switch engine – not much bigger than him – if he could help him that he found the support he needed – “I’ll be glad to help you if I can.” The little engine was so happy to have found a friend and supporter.

Immediately the little engine’s new friend started helping to pull the train cars up the hill, all the while chugging, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……” When the job was successfully completed, the little engine had all his cars over the huge hill and was now able to carry on to his destination on his own. He was so grateful for the teamwork of his new friend. The little engine now new he had it in him to complete his job. He also learned that he had to change his mindset to a very positive one like his new friend had.

As the “little engine that could” found out, you can do whatever you need to do if only you put a positive intention and affirmation to the task. A positive mindset will get you farther than a negative one. Not everyone you come across will help you, but they are part of your journey and as the little engine discovered the bigger, stronger engines refusal to help him led him to meeting his new friend and in turn he learned what can be accomplished by having a positive mindset. This would not have happened if the bigger, stronger engines had just done the job for him.

Today, I want you to write this self confidence intention, “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!” Then Feel it! Believe it! Achieve it!


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