Courage Is The Backbone to Self-Esteem

Courage braces my self-esteem to bloom in unsettling shifts along my journey.



I asked for strength,
And God gave me difficulties to make me strong;

I asked for wisdom,

And God gave me problems to learn to solve;
I asked for prosperity,
And God gave me brain and brawn to work;
I asked for courage,
And God gave me dangers to overcome;
I asked for love,
And God gave me people to help;
I asked for favors,
And God gave me opportunities.
I received nothing I wanted – I received everything I needed.
My prayer has been answered!
(Author Unknown)


As life’s journey takes me over hills and valleys, my courage is the backbone holding my self-esteem tall while hurdling challenges and embracing the lessons that are there for me to learn. Death is the opposite to birth not the opposite to life. Life has no opposites as it is ever present. Life gives us challenges, difficulties, problems, dangers, lessons and opportunities.


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