Empowerment Is The Lemonade Made From Lemons

What Is Your Empowerment Recipe For Lemonade?


“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” – Proverb


empowermentThe road to empowerment is full of lemons. a cool tall glass of lemonade quenches our thirst and restores our endurance during the warm summer months. As we leave the lemons yesterday behind, we need to make the perfect recipe of lemonade to enter a new day with enthusiasm and strength. The lemonade combines the lessons we have learned and the accomplishments we have celebrated. Every lemon we received in our empowerment journey was handed to us for a reason. We need to let go of the past and open our minds and let those lessons in.

The above Proverb was made famous by Dale Carnegie, when he summed up life using it in his own quote. He meant for everyone to make the best of a bad situation. So when challenges come your way how do you turn them into positives that you can learn from and then move on? Energize yourself and reflect upon what your special recipe is for your lemonade. Follow my recipe and work toward your empowerment and build your self confidence.

Here is my empowerment recipe for lemonade:

Squeeze 4 plump juicy lemons into a pitcher. Pour in sugar water to taste and ice cubes. Stir, then add the following:

½ Cup Grace – embrace your challenges with grace.

Then ¼ Cup of Release – release the negatives of your challenges and retrain your focus on the positives that theses challenges masquerade.

Next ½ Cup of Believe – believe that this situation in your journey is meant to happen. You have no other choice but to hurdle your challenges. Believe that what you encounter is meant to be and in the end you will learn so much to help you grow.

Add 1/3 Cup Understanding – understand that it is OK to be nervous scared or timid in accepting any challenge as it is. But understand that by just embracing it as something that is happening for reason, and knowing that it makes you the person you are today, makes it easier for you to hurdle any challenge.

Stir into the mixture ½ Cup Decision – decide to make choices. You need to continue forward in your life’s path. Decide to be positive, grateful, forgiving and embrace every challenge wholeheartedly.

Beat in dashes of Forgiveness – forgive yourself and others who have wronged you. Put your guilt away and remember that you have learned all you can from these wrongs so put it to rest and move your mindset to a positive note.

1 Cup of Acceptance – Accept everything in your path. Accept that you are the most perfect, authentic, lovable you that you were born to be. Accept others’ baggage and opinions as theirs to take care of – not you! Accept everything you do is yours by choice.

Finally pour into glasses and sprinkle on top of each your Intention – intend to always move forward, be generous, kind, loving and respectful of yourself first and foremost and then towards others that are around you. Intend to be happy, be kind to yourself, work hard, move forward, forgive, be grateful and not wear others opinions. Intend to journal, meditate, visualize and grow each day. Intend to strengthen your Inner Being and strive o be exactly who you are born to be!!

“It never ceases to amaze me that life, without any warning can see just how much you were actually paying attention, and throw something at you that is totally out of left field, taking your breath away while threatening to overtake you!” – Elizabeth for XquisitLife

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