Your Self-Love Level Is Controlled By You

Your Self-Love Journey -The Only Change Controlled by You is Within Yourself

self-loveA deep sense of nurturing self-love is controlled by you – “You can’t change what life deals you BUT you can change how you deal with life!” I have lived by this saying my whole life. Although it is not always easy to follow, I make a conscious effort to watch my reactions to things I come across in my journey. You cannot change anything other than changes within yourself. You cannot control others actions, decisions and behaviors. But you can change your reactions to others – a healthy sense of self-love can dictate those reactions. Your reactions to criticism, disappointment, others moods…. are decided by your choices. Your choices are influenced by what brings your life, happiness, joy, balance and love – cornerstones to self-love.

Choice is still within our power. We might think others have taken command of it but they never have. We are the captains of our choice ship and we steer the way in and out of situations by masterfully making choices the best we know how with the tools we have in our grasp to use. All choices are the correct one. Some just don’t turn out the way we hope but there are lessons in all decisions. Learn these lessons for they are valuable.  Place your choices where they belong – in the past and discover the tools you need to make the decisions you want and achieve the outcomes you desire.

Then next time a situation occurs that is not quite as wonderful as you were hoping, stop, breathe deep 3 times, stay focused in the present, put your prejudices aside and then react. You will find that your how you deal with life becomes easier and easier until the peace you find within will be the peace to radiate to others no matter what the situation is you find yourself in.



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