Understanding the Self Confidence Of The Authentic Woman

Authenticity Promotes Self Confidence.

Who Are We?

As women, we have to understand who we really are and develop our self confidence as we are meant to be in order to live fulfilling lives. Every day as we grow, we discover new things about us. We are remarkable individuals with so much to share in the great universe of ours. It is imperative that we embrace, celebrate and develop all our areas of our lives so that we can reap the riches of our hard work.

As we travel along this journey to self confidence, we endeavor to find our spirituality. We are spiritual beings, first and foremost, and we cannot deny this. We must create a balance with our spiritual and materialistic sides. This is key to our self confidence and without its understanding, we would never be able to follow the course of our journey as called upon by the universe. Without our belief in our spirituality, we would never be able to embrace our challenges. Once embraced, we can then turn our energies around and learn all we can from these challenges.  Questioning our existence helps in our continual growth. We are born and we exist – proof of our spirituality.

When we learn to embrace our emotions, we can make the choices we make with clarity and in sight. We are emotional beings with a collection of attitudes that were formed by our surroundings and the social environment we grew up within. Our Inner Child tries to have a stronger voice than the voice of the Inner Being but we must learn to control our Inner child and focus our attention on the voice we were born with – Inner Being. Our inner being shapes our self confidence, our inner child tries to destroy it, she has self confidence issues herself. We have a great deal of choice when it comes to letting our emotions rule our actions. With time we learn how to utilize our positive over our negative emotions.

Women love to be with others and interact in various levels of being. We are naturally social beings. We need human interaction so we can learn, communicate and develop personally with each other.  We find out so much about ourselves by doing this. But with that being said, we must strengthen our self confidence so as to let the opinions and criticisms of our interactions with others bounce off our backs. We cannot wear others baggage but leave it all at the curb. On our journey to self-love, we discover the tools on how to learn to interact with others while maintaining the perfectly authentic person we were born to be.

With our love of interacting with others, proves one thing – we exist therefore we are physiological beings. In order for us to develop into the strong women we are meant to be, we must look after our physiological side as well as our spiritual side. Embracing our bodies as they are and learning to live a healthy lifestyle, helps us to grow into our strong self-esteem. “We are what we eat” is a measure of truth. But how we feel about what we put in our bodies is just as important. If we train ourselves to believe that everything we do for ourselves is for the betterment, and confidently think about the food we ingest as positive – we will always feel so much better about ourselves. If we are to love ourselves, we must be kind to our bodies as well as our minds and souls.

Our interaction with others does not end with learning and communication. We need to interact for another survival reason – economics. We have evolved into economically orientated beings. Our survival and growth depends in part with being able to trade items that create an economy. Once an economy is established our survival soars and together as a human race we improve our status in this world. As women, the more we contribute to our economy, the stronger our self confidence gets and that in turn improves our self-esteem and that strengthens our physical existence in this world.

There are many more elements that make up our existence. But understanding these basic key elements helps you to understand yourself.  We are known to be complicated creatures, but as you develop each of these elements that make up your being, you will find all you need to fulfilling your soul of self confidence. It’s that easy!

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