Personal Growth Journey Is A Roller Coaster Ride


When Life Becomes A Roller Coaster, Climb into the Front Seat, Throw Your Arms in the Air, & ENJOY THE PERSONAL GROWTH RIDE!!!!!!!!


Life is full of ups and downs. If you’re anything like me, more than once you’ve prayed to God to take away some of the low spots.

If I had only realized that the experience I was trying to avoid was actually a life -alters opportunity that shaped me into the women I am today, I would have yelled,” Hit me with your best shot!”

Knowing this after the fact didn’t make it any easier, but looking back I realized I am much better now for having endured it. Besides, I’d never have realized how high I have gotten without the perspective of how low I had actually been.

The real lesson to be learned is that we need to face our challenges head –on with grace, style and conviction….”



A close friend of mine wrote me this quote. It touched a cord in my personal growth journey, so I thought I would share it.


personal growthI have always looked at life as a journey in personal growth traveled through a series of hills and valleys. Sometimes the valleys are so low that the tops of the hills are hidden behind clouds lost and forgotten. It is difficult sometimes to believe there is another peak to aim for. A we enter each valley there is knowledge that the only way out is to climb back up the valley wall to the mountaintop where everything is so much clearer.


But looking upon life, as a roller-coaster seems so much more fun and adventuresome and I love an adventure. It gets the blood cursing faster through your veins, your breathing increases and exhilaration bursts through every pore in your body. The ups, the downs and the strange gravitational curves that our personal growth journey has us travel upon cannot be sidestepped if we are meant to grow and blossom. To reach our desires and dreams we must venture outside our comfort zone and with that come challenges. Fears try to hinder our successes by magnifying the challenges ahead of us. Our courage is fueled with the knowledge that at the end of the roller coaster ride we safely arrive at our destination unscathed but energized with adrenalin because we have succeeded once again.


So the next time your personal growth journey starts to resemble a roller coaster, climb into the front seat, throw your arms in to the air, scream with excitement and anticipation. Then enjoy the ride – the ride of your life.

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