Self-Esteem Begins At Home – Get Your House In Order

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My life is out of order like a sink of dirty dishes. ~ Deb



My life is not in order. Work is crazy and exhausting, my home is in disarray –there are always dirty dishes I can never get on top of it. And relationships, well they are borderline at best. How can I get organized and tame the perfectionist devil that resides in my life? ~ Deb


Deb life is a sink of dirty dishes so get used to them. It’s how you attack the task that will make your life more joyful. So let’s deal with house organization and apply what you learn here to the rest of your life and see if everything begins to piece itself back together again.





“My life will always have dirty dishes.

If the sink can become

A place of contemplation,

Let me learn constancy here.” ~ Gunilla Norris


Deb, your house organization is a reflection of your life, in including relationships. How you are for your home is a subtle but significant expression of your level of self-esteem. So to getting your house in order is equal to getting your life in order. Thus boosting your self-esteem. Now you don’t have to run out and spend a fortune redecorating your home or renovating to make better use of your space. Just have a look at things and see where the clutter exists. If clutter resides in your home then it resides in you and is chipping away at your self esteem.


I listened to an awesome sister, Ariana Pritchett (http;// last night through Bye-Bye Good Girl ( telesummit with Christina Dunbar and Regena Garrepy. Arian talked about cleaning out the clutter in a closet and likened it to clearing out the clutter in ones life. She narrowed the task down to a practice of meditation by focusing on three questions to ask yourself when you look at an object and decide to keep it or toss it.


1.Is it essential? Is it absolutely necessary to your self esteem to have this item in your life?

(Check in with your authentic self and ask it – Do I really need this?)


If the answer is yes, then ask Why?


2.Does it give you immense joy? Do you light up when you see it?


3.Is it inspiring? Does it fuel your self esteem to create and then create more because you have this object in your space?


If your resounding answer is “No” at the end of your meditation with these three questions then let go and get it out of your life.



“If a home doesn’t make sense, nothing does.” ~ Henrietta Riperger


Getting our houses in order and endowing ourselves with a respect for and appreciation of order is one of the most precious gifts we can give ourselves – thus creating a microcosm of serenity, security and sanity in our lives; Divine order.


Divine order is demonstrated through the lives of the Amish and Shakers. They seamlessly stitched daily life together with work and art with the thread of Divine order. Order shaped every part of their lives from the smallest of daily chores to they way they mirrored their self-esteem in their surroundings.


Everything has its place. The Shakers kept their personal belongings and tools in perfect order so they could locate and utilize their belongings with ease at a moments notice. Because the Shakers attached a personal expression of worship to everything they did whether it was work or housework, there was a special place for everything in their lives. Have a look at the fine craftsmanship of their intricate drawer system in almost every piece of furniture no matter what room it was built for. Every cubby had a name on it of an item that could call it home.


To jump-start bringing order in your life, and radiating your self-esteem let’s start with your home. Once that is accomplished, everything will fall into place through Divine order. Remember four long standing rules that can change that can change the quality of your daily life:


1.If you take it out – put it back.


2.If you open it – close it.


3.If you drop it  – pick it up.


4.If you take it off – hang it up.


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