Self Empowerment Is To Tell Yourself What You Did Tomorrow

Fortify your empowerment by imaging the future you desire and bringing it to the forefront of your thoughts.

empowermentIn ”Alice in Wonderland”, the Red Queen says to Alice, “Tell me what you did tomorrow?”
Alice says, “well that is impossible, nobody can tell you what they did tomorrow. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet”.
The Queen says rather pityingly to Alice, “Well it’s a pretty poor memory that only works in one direction”.

Empowerment is achieved when setting goals, creating intentions and visualizing your successful outcome. These are all ways in telling “YOU” what you did tomorrow. Your thoughts today determine your tomorrow. So think and act  as you wish to be everyday in the present. Speak, dress, act and live with all the success you expect to create. Imagine your future and memorize it so that you live in the moment the who you desire to become.

Feel what it feels like to live your desired life. Stand in your power and live like very aspect of your life is working out. Believe you have sturdy balanced relationships. Keep your health is in peak performance. Live each day with the intention of happiness, love and joy. The mind is too precious to waste so exercise it daily with positive thoughts and emotions. Live your tomorrow today with empowerment and recite proudly what you would be doing when you are asked, “Tell me what you did tomorrow?”


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