Self Love Wears Simplicity Well – 10 steps “How To”

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate your self love and clear away the past clutter.


self loveIt is time to revise your wardrobe, a self love task to reflect your authenticity. I know clearing out your closet and drawers is a daunting and time-consuming task. You probably hate to part with anything because – what happens if you might need it again? Right? But clearing out the old always signals the Universe that you are ready to attract and manifest everything new.

Forget what’s fashionable and concentrate on your ideas on works for you in your everyday life. Choose what ignites your self love and what truly reflects your authenticity. Be true to who you are and who you want others to see you as. There is an unspoken language to your authenticity – the vocabulary of your wardrobe tells others who you are before you even say a word. There is a universal tongue when we see someone approach. Understandings and misconceptions have been discovered before an introduction has been made.

“To choose clothes, either in a store or at home, is to define and describe ourselves.” ~ Alison Lure; author of The Language of Clothes

Look at all your clothes – including jewelry and accessories. Try everything on and look at “YOU” in the mirror. Chuck what doesn’t fit on your body or in your personality. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you chose those designs for a reason and they fit perfectly in with your self love level at the time they were brought home.

Think honestly about what your “uniform” consists of. You know that out fit you always fall back into wearing when nothing in your closet appeals to the mood you are in. For example, jeans, black turtle neck and boots. Your “uniform” will be designed out of simplicity, after all its what you fall back too when your decisions become too complicated. Embrace that style that you love as your “uniform” – it is a reflection of who you really are, the amazing woman within. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks as long as you feel beautiful, confident and lovable.

What if everything hanging in your closet were something that you loved? Each item made your look amazing and feels fabulous on your body all at the same time? Just imagine how fantastic you would feel everyday?

Clearing the way for simplicity in your self love closet:

Plan of Attack – Bringing Order To Self Love Where Chaos Once Reigned:

1. Find a couple of hours – schedule this time for yourself, consider it creativity at its best.
2. Grab lots of boxes and large plastic bags you are sharing your energy with others less fortunate, so smile and love every minute of this task.
3. Best way to start is to take everything out of your closet and stacking them on the bed – now you have to do something with this “stuff” if you want to get a good nights sleep.
4. Go through every item of clothing. Try things on, reminisce about the events you attended wearing a certain article of clothing.
5. Now do the same with all your accessories.
6. Keep only things that you absolutely love, that when you feel it on your body you melt in awe of how beautiful you are. Nothing can defeat you when you are in this mood.
7. Make sure consider what lives each piece of clothing is meant to live – work, leisure, formal, athletics, comfort.
8. Don’t save anything unless there is true sentimental value. Then be prepared to pack it away.
9. OK now it’s your turn to give back. Bring your clothes to the nearest thrift store, woman’s shelter or charity bank of some kind. Have the wonderful attitude throughout this whole process of doing good for other women who are less fortunate or struggling at this time. Their self love needs a boost also. Wearing your beautiful items will increase how they feel about themselves. This is very therapeutic especially if you are struggling yourself through personal issues. Focusing your energy on increasing others self love helps to carry you through your crisis with as little stress as possible. Concentrating on hte council of others takes your mind off your own issues.
10. Finally, embrace the fact that clearing out your closets provides the space and freedom for you to choose clothing that in the future presents to the world the truly fabulous woman that you were born to be. Focusing on your self love and nurturing it will manifest all you desire – just you watch what happens.

PS: in addition, if you have something that is old, well worn, snugly comfortable and just dying to remain in your closet – you know the item that you put into the bag and it somehow finds itself back in your drawer – keep it! Wear it whenever you need a little nurturing. It has been proven that our energies attach to fibers that reflect who we are and wee need that comfort when times get trying. Be kind to yourself first and foremost!


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