Empowerment Of “Being”

Create Your Empowerment Journal Of “Being.”


empowermentTo just “be” who we are is empowerment at its finest, but also the hardest to achieve and maintain. We are so busy doing life that we forget we are human “beings” not human “doings”. By just passing each day doing all we pack into o “To-Do” list we bury our dreams and creative desires under the rubble from the excavation f life’s challenges.


Reflect back over your journey and see if you can dig down amongst the debris and see where your dreams are. They are still exactly where you left them but they have been camouflaged by layers of naiveté, good intentions of others, relinquishment of your desires for other’s needs, detours, disappointments, rejections, wrong circumstances, bitter failures stumbles and falls, ad timing, stupid mistakes, whims of fate and missed opportunities. It takes courage to dig within the layers and stand in your power discovering your dreams and taking mall steps towards achieving them.


To help bring your hopes and dreams to the surface once again, stay in the moment and ground yourself. Find a quiet area to seat yourself comfortably. Hands loosely in your lap and feet planted firmly on the ground, breathe in deeply 5 times. Focus your mind on the light energy floating just above your crown. As you breathe in pull this bright light down into your body emanating this energy throughout our limbs. As you breathe out push this energy down through your legs and into the depths of mother earth. Feel your empowerment ground with the Divine Source.


Once grounded, concentrate on ‘being” not “doing.” Bring your empowerment to the forefront – take out a calendar or your journal and document one “being” thing you can accomplish a day. Create an empowerment list of intentions to remind you of all you can be.


Empowerment Intentions of “Being”:

Be Kind


Be Empathetic


Be Happy


Be Joyful


Be Loving


Be Caring


Be Thoughtful


Be Enthusiastic


Be Silly


Be Creative


Be Playful


Be Humorous



Add to this list and everyday take you “BE” and do something to create that intention. For example:


Be Kind – open a door for a stranger and offer a smile.


Be Thoughtful – write a thank you to someone who offered you a random act of kindness.


Be Playful – Spend a day at the park swinging on swings and going down the slide. Bring the little child out in you and have fun.


In the end all your empowerment asks of you is to be kind to yourself. Bring your dreams back to the surface and cradle them in your soul. Nurture them and watch them grow. They just needed a little light and water and they will bloom continuously into a fabulous garden of life.


Other tools for boosting your empowerment:


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