High Self-Esteem Attracts Good Energy In Everything

Moximized Mondays Self-Esteem Topics For This Week:

Internet Dating – Attracting The Wrong Men ~ Lisa

If Only… ~ Kathie


I am an avid internet dater. I hope to find my soul mate but I keep dating the wrong men. How can I know when a man is perfect for me early on before I spend so much time waiting for the shoe to drop? Please help me if you can ~ Lisa

Lisa, any relationship in life is about reflecting what it is that we do want instead of reflecting what we don’t want. Our self-esteem level attracts people to us with traits that we want more of in ourselves. Internet dating s about lists of traits that people don’t want. You can’t know what you desire next in your life with another person until you have experienced the negative. Even the list of “desired requirements” on a person’s profile come from a negative energy base. I call these lists – “grocery lists.” Men and women are shopping for the perfect mate. Each attach their self-esteem to those qualities in others instead of from within.Well, news flash there are no perfect mates. We are all perfect in our own rights – we just might not be perfect for everyone we meet online. We are human not machines – ready to be programmed into the person another desires.

So with all this said, Lisa if you have been in a previous relationships jot down all that you adored about them. Then add to the list all that you still seek. Please don’t dwell or base any of your desirable qualities in a man from the negative aspect of your past relationships. Create your cake (desired relationship) by designing the recipe that is meant for YOU! If you dwell on what you don’t want – you will get exactly that. The universe is listening and can’t discern what you don’t want as it does not understand the word “don’t”.

Creating your recipe from a place of one’s desire will help you attract the man you have been waiting for right off the bat. Listing your deep desires from a place of love and light will boost your vibrational energy which in turns helps your self-esteem to soar. Make a list of the qualities of your perfect mate and feel the words use all your senses and describe in detail. Do this often. Visualize success over and over. Make another list of the life you will share with your ideal mate. What type of residence will you have? What quality of health will you enjoy? What memorable vacations will you share? Feel the words from the bottom of your soul. Allow your self-esteem to radiate the enthusiasm for all you want. Do this often. Visualize your dating success over and over. With each date think only positive outcomes. Visualize your smiles and laughter, the touch, feel, sights and sounds of being togehter. Your positive energy will shine brightly.

Create a living space for two and tantalize the senses you used to describe your mate. Have two of everything in your home. Leave empty drawers for your desired companion. Have toothbrushes and floss. Have at least two wine/drinking glasses and coffee mugs on hand. Hang pictures of your desired vacations spots. This might seem foolish but the universe feels your energy – you are designing a life for two. This will also boost your self-esteem. Just try it and let me know how you feel – triumphant I am sure.

OK now Lisa, get out your baking ingredients and create the perfect cake for yourself. Happy baking!!!


I need help!! I spend most of my time living in the past. I keep beating myself up with “if only I had…” I am not happy in my life right now. If only I had changed paths and done things differently maybe I would have been a better wife and mother and my marriage would not have collapsed. Maybe if I had a different job my husband would have loved me more and my kids would not hate me as much for never being there.. I don’t know hat to do to change things. Can you give me some ideas? ~ Kathie

Kathie, for time to stress-OUT! Did you realize that with every “If only…” thought you carry in your mind, the higher your stress level and an increase of blood pressure. These negative energy thoughts push good things such as success, robust health, abiding love, joyous experiences and unending happiness far from your consciousness.

By accepting everything you encounter as meant to be and letting go, your energy pushes stress OUT and attracts all you desire to you. Regrets dissolve self-esteem, acceptance encourages it. So which is more important to you, Kathie,  stressing your body or accepting everything as it is and everyone as they are? Try welcoming in the world, people, and things into your life exactly as they have happened and as they are. Don’t get me wrong though, this doesn’t mean you agree with people / things / decisions/ circumstances/ opinions. It means you are putting a higher value on your self-esteem: success, health, love, happiness, wealth, and joy than getting caught up in the “If only I had / had not done it” trap.

Make it your mission to think about what you want for yourself instead of going on the futile mission of pushing, hating, and regretting what you do not like or want. Leave “would have, should have, could have,” out of your vocabulary and your thought process. This waters yiur self-esteem down, not encourage it to sprout and bloom.

These are your choices, Kathie, but only ones you can make.



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