Allow Your Self-Esteem To Build Your Trust

Moximized Self-Esteem Topics For This Week:

Trust and abandonment issues can chip away self-esteem in a relationship. ~ Janet

Trust oneself to achieve success. ~ Tonie




After what seemed like years of internet dating I have found the perfect man. He spoils me rotten and tells me every chance he can how beautiful I am. My problem is he has so many women in his life as friends. I am a jealous person and although I know deep down, he is devoted to me, I just don’t trust him because I have never dated anyone who hasn’t cheated on my one way or another.What can I do? I don’t want  to ruin this. ~ Janet

Janet, trust issues begin with you. Your trust or lack of trust of another person is a direct reflection of the trust you have in yourself. Many trust issues begin with an abandonment issue somewhere in your life. You have to dig down deep to find the source of that issue. There are many layers to an onion and shedding them you must so as to gather the tools needed to bring your trust back up to the level that is comfortable. Until you work with a coach and create a strong trust structure in your life, try to take small steps in bonding this new relationship into the one you desire. Don’t let your insecurities of abandonment take control. Your inner brat will battle your self-esteem to fuel  the ideas that this new partner of yours is a cheater in order to prove your beliefs about abandonment to be true but that is totally false until proven so. Never assume his devotion is not authentic until you have concrete proof to the contrary.

Strengthen your self-esteem by listening to the voice of your inner being. This is accomplished by focusing on all the positive lovable qualities your new partner displays. Reflect on all the happy situations you have shared so far. Write them out and look on them whenever your doubts niggle to your consciousness. When you part whether it is for the day, night or just to the next room, never leave the each other without a kind loving comment that includes the two of you in the relationship. Encourage your elf-esteem to believe and trust this relationship fully.This enforces your feelings about this new partner to your inner brat. Never leave each other with third party snipes, this is allowing your self-esteem to be ruled by your fear of abandonment and will destroy your relationship before it gets a chance to evolve into something beautiful.. Don’t let your insecurities rule. Don’t imagine or assume the worst when you are apart. Until you have proof of an infidelity, there is none!!! Never insinuate the “other woman.”

This is a long process, Janet. But with perseverance and taking small steps in the refocusing of your thoughts from ones of deceit, doubt and mistrust to thoughts of love, security, joy and trust. Consciously watch your thoughts and words and remember to give your inner being the larger voice.


I don’t trust myself to be a success. I lack the self-esteem to reach the goals I have only dreamed of. Help me to change my thoughts so I can e successful. ~ Tonie

Tonie, I have three things to say on this topic of your self-esteem: – Think success. Visualize success. Take action towards success!

Take a minute and visualize a triangle in your mind. Each corner represents one of the above elements – Think, Visualize and Action. This self-esteem triangle of success now has three important corners, each as important as the others. Just as a triangle is no longer a triangle if missing a corner, so does this happen with the triangle of success. Each corner is paramount to SUCCESS. Leave out one of the three elements, and the chances of success drops flat.

Now lets look into each element in detail.

Take your journal and write daily in it about the following.

  1. Think on your success. Write a concise description of your life when you already have what it is you desire. Imprint your description to memory and then meditate on it, and when you can speak of your desired life out loud.
  2. Visualize your success. Use all of your senses in your visualizations. For example: see yourself receive our paycheck, feel the pats on your back for a job well done, hear the accolades from family and friends a  try to taste and smell the sweetness of success.See yourself doing, having, and enjoying whatever you dearly want.
  3. Finally, take positive action. Don’t overlook this step. For example, if you desire own a certain car, decide on a make and go to the dealership and test drive several models. You want a new home? Talk to a real-estate broker about price, size, style and neighborhood. Then go through several open houses and decide on the home of your dreams. You’d like to take a magical trip to a luxurious destination? Go to a travel agent or research it on the Internet. Get a travel book and brochures that focuses on this wonderful place. Take action and know that the Universe has already set the events in motion to bring you exactly what you want.


Sometimes taking positive action is all your self-esteem needs for the Power of the Universe to carry you across the “finish line” of success. Let the Energies of the Universe know you mean business. Your words, imagination, and physical action unite to fuel your self-esteem.



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