Let Go Of What You Think You Know – Self Love Meditation

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Nurture Your Self Love by “Letting Go.”

“Let go” are the two most important words in this self love meditation. Now, get comfortably seated, close your eyes and breathe in deeply 3 times. Visualize yourself “letting go” in the following manner.

First, let go and go with the flow of your journey. Let go of the control and live your life through self love. Your journey travels along at the speed and the direction it is meant to travel. You have total control over your choices but nothing else. So imagine that you are floating down a river. Just floating at the speed the river is flowing. You are not trying to float faster than the river is going, you are not trying to swim upstream wasting valuable energy avoiding the inevitable, or try to get to the shore when the slightest hint of turbulence appears on the horizon. That is going with the “flow”, and it makes your life a lot easier to live. Anxiety stays away and you will feel more joy and happiness.

Create a self love affirmation with this thought in mind. For example:

“Le it go. Let it be OK. I know its OK where I am right now. I am willing not to judge myself. I go with the flow wherever it may take me.”

Secondly, visualize a box. Design the box in any fashion you would like. Pick the colors and decorate it with everything that makes you happy and brings a smile on your face. Open the lid and see yourself place all the negativity in your life at this time into this beautiful box. Place people who judge you, problems, hurtful situations; anything that does not fit on the outside of your box because it doesn’t bring happiness to your self love. Gather everything negative and place into your beautiful box. Firmly fit the lid down tight. Next choose your favorite color helium balloon and tie it around your box. Then LET GO! Watch you box of negativity rise up into the air and carry off over the horizon. Feel the weight leave your soul.

Once again focus on your breathing and come back to the present moment refreshed and full of self love.


Have fun practicing “Letting Go.”


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