Self Love Tames Your Inner Child

Lavish Your “Material Girl” This Holiday Season and Let Self Love Tame Your Inner Child!


self loveA healthy level of self love can help your inner child smoothly sail through the holidays. This time of year with all the fliers and mail/internet order fliers and catalogs arrive at your doorstep, your inner child evolves into a “material girl”. She comes out of the gate fighting- a ravaged shopper from hell – and she’s hungry. The pre-holiday sales are a fabulous carrot for the “material” girl to chase. Your self love will have a hard time taming her actions but perseverance is the key.She can’t resist. The more you think about your gifts to bestow upon others the more she pulls on your heart strings to give her more, more, more!!!


Practicing “less is more” is wonderful but at the time of the season with all the marvelous window displays and glitzy neon signs of enticement, your “material” girl is having a hard time with temptation. This is like a girl in a bakery with only 5 points left on her weight watchers daily point plan and nothing in the tantalizing bakery cases is under 15 points. There are so many wants, so many beckoning choices and beautiful things pulling a desiring finger towards you. This is where you self love comes in.


To deny these wants at this time of year by attempting various ways of deprivation are completely fruitless. Like trying to give up smoking while sitting in a smoke filled Casino – impossible. My cure is  – DON’T DENY THESE CRAVINGS! Reel in your wants. INDULGE! Gather enough self -love to help you surrender to your weakness; let yourself go. This is the only way to quiet your wants; it’s savvy and very, very effective. But the key is you don’t have to spend a cent.


Yes, you heard me correctly, no need for a corrective hearing device (or glasses for that case either.) So go wild and collect all the flyers, catalogs, and mail-order pamphlets that arrive in the mail on a daily basis. Now when you have a quiet moment with just you your catalogs and a coffee. Shop. Take a red marker and circle with abandon all you desire. Don’t let the price influence your choices. Money is no a hindrance – just shop as if you have all the money in the world. Remember it is just energy and spiritually you are abundant with that energy. Nurturing your self love in this manner strengthen it for the future.


Red marker, pen and paper all ready – go on the greatest shopping spree in your life. Use your visualization skills and put on the cashmere sweater you have always wanted. Sit in the lounge chair you have desired for your tired back at the end of a long day. Feel the power of a gold bracelet around your wrist that you have longed to have clasp there. Flash the shiny bauble on your ring finger that you just can’t live without.


Tell yourself repeatedly that you can have exactly what you desire. Imagine with all your senses how life is with the things you want. Now that you have completed your list and dog-eared your catalogs put them all away in a drawer knowing your subconscious is satisfied. Time to get to the real mater at hand, Christmas shopping for your loved ones. Your “material” girl is satiated and so you can concentrate on completing the seasonal ritual of gift giving to others. When your material girls starts to whine – and she will – just remind her of the drawer filled with her earthy desires and she will quiet right down.


In January when all is quiet revisit your list and catalogs. Your deep level of self love developed, tames the needs of your inner child.You will find that most of the things you circled, highlighted or wrote down will not be as important to you now as they were before.  You might even have acquired some of the items as gifts from others.  Or most likely see the items not as demanding, wondering why you thought of them in the first place. Your “material” girl was looked after and now she is quiet. Why you ask? Your “material” girl was listened to. That is all she really wanted, just your attention. When you give into a demanding child the object of their desires, it loses its power instantly and the child doesn’t want it as much any more once he/she has the item.


When self love acknowledges our wants and needs, they are quieted. We have peace and we can continue along our journey in harmony. Our subconscious is our own personal shopper and she gives the “material” girl in all of us a muzzle. When your desires are quieted your authenticity flourishes and self love reigns supreme.


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