Miracles In Personal Growth Can Shine Down Anytime

Personal Growth Lesson: To catch a falling star-we have to be standing under it!

personal growthMiracles do happen in personal growth as Matthew Arnold, a nineteenth century British Poet, so profoundly stated. Every one of us has witnessed in one sense or another a miracle of some sort. There have been many transformations within us that have seemed like strokes of fate, divine interventions – all considered miraculous in nature.


Looking back over the history of major miracles during our history, several things leading to their appearance become extremely apparent: time, pain and patience lead the way. Any major change in personal growth hat transforms our lives comes from the suffering of a situation or circumstance that excels us to make the necessary change so as to improve our living condition.


Stepping outside of the box and looking at any sequence of events from origin to the appearance of a solution, can bring about the perception of a miracle. Miracles do not have to be big and life altering. They can be small and personal, with only you believing they exist. Anything can be considered a miracle if it enhances your personal growth and makes the road forward wondrous.


Look back over this year and count the times that a negative situation turned around for you and you called it miraculous. There will be more than you imagine. If you get into the habit of looking upon every positive situation as a miracle then you will have a fulfilled and blessed life.


No matter if you are prepared to believe in a higher power intervening in your honor to bestow you a miracle when you most need it or not, one thing is clear you have to be open and ready to receive a miracle.  Keeping your mind open to all possibilities and going with the universal flow mapped out for you, miracles can fall on you like shooting stars fall in the heavens. You just have to be ready!


To catch a falling star- we have to be standing under it!


Start catching today…

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