The Self Esteem Of Women Is Strengthened Through Prayer

One Way Or Another We Pray – Conscious Prayers Are The Best For Our Self Esteem!


Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers.  ~Austin O’Malley


self esteemWhat is a prayer and how does it affect a women’s self esteem? It has been thought of over the ages as a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship. When we asked to prayer we kneel down in front of an alter or our bed and send a prayer to our source of worship. But do you realize as women, we pray all the time?


How do we best seek communion with the God of our choice? By being grateful for everything in life, forgiving and moving forward, loving unconditionally, giving just for the heck of it, and striving to live our lives in joy and happiness. Everyday we are in prayer with every nurturing act we perform. Women without knowing it pray every moment of everyday with every heartbeat and breath their body contains.


Women all over the world tend to sick children, nurture the elderly, deal with angry office mates, soothe the aches and pains of a loved one, jump to the rescue of a fallen friend or support the dreams and desires of their partners. Prayer for us comes in pleasure and contentment; disappointment and disbelieve; longing and hunger; acceptance and relief – just to name a very few. Our self esteem in these areas improve the self esteem of those we help


We pray when we cry; we pray when we smile; we pray when we laugh; we pray when we work and we pray when we play. But for women the purest form of prayer is authentic communication. We don not have to hold back. We can say exactly what needs to be said in the exact manner it needs to be conveyed at the certain moment it needs to be expressed and we will never be judged or lose love. We trust that with our prayer that our source will guide us to say the precise syllables so there is never a misunderstanding because each word we utter is exactly the perfect word.


Why is it important for a woman’s self esteem to have this authentic conversation? Women need to be heard. We have important things that we need to share the world. By staying quiet and not opening up we become stuck and when we get stuck we can self-destruct. Silence is a killer of who we are. Nurturers’ have gifts in the form of words, thoughts and emotions, and by giving unconditionally we move forward. We pray so that we are heard. This is showing our fearless authenticity and with that we are fueled towards our greatness.


What are your ways of praying?


Can you share how you show your fearless authenticity?


How Does prayer help you with your self esteem?



Feel free to share with me in the comments below. You have a voice and I would love to hear it.


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