Personal Growth Strives For Happiness

Discovering Happiness In Our Personal Growth Is A Key To A Successful Holiday Season.

personal growthOur goal in personal growth is to find happiness. The Ancient Meaning of Happy Comes From The Translation of The Word “Hap” – Chance. During the upcoming holidays, anxiety becomes a well-worn friend, but only if we let it.  We are going in so many directions with so much on our plate that when the holidays finally arrive we are run down and sick with a flu bug. Through our personal growth we learn that anxiety can knock on your door this next month, but just kindly give it a wave and acknowledge its existence. Then immediately show it the way out the door and down on its own path of life.


A wonderful shield of courage to show anxiety that you have no need for its evil medicine, is to be happy. That is why we are put on earth here in our physical form; to develop our personal growth into a life of happiness.  The ancient meaning of happy comes from the translation of the word “hap” – chance. Someone with good chance was called happy. A person who missed their chance at something refers to the occurrence as a “mishap.”


Happy people have the knack of turning unpredictable events into opportunities to their advantage. They have learned along their journey in personal growth to find a happy thought or emotion even out of the most dire of circumstances. I believe happiness is a state of mind and although it can’t protect us from life’s negative situations, a happy attitude will not compound those negative woes with regret and guilt. Look always at any glass as half full with so much room to fill – not half empty. Happiness as an attitude is like a muscle that strengthens with use. The more you look on situations with happiness the easier it is to find the happy occurrences in everything we encounter.  Remember we cannot control anything or anyone around us. We can only control our behavior. So a firm intention to be happy at all costs could change our lives dramatically.


So no matter what situations or people are thrown in your path these holidays, focus your energy upon each event with happiness and watch anxiety cower in the shadows.


So cheers to the season with all of your full glasses of good tidings!


If you have any questions you would like answered on how to survive the holiday season, join me on Moximized Mondays


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