Gratitude and Success Are Key To Your Personal Growth

Sincere gratitude will make your personal growth successful

personal growthYour personal growth is enriched by gratitude. Being grateful increases your chances for success. Saying  ‘thank you” to your universal source opens a space for more good things to come your way. The more good things coming your way enriches your personal growth.. Personal growth depends on your vibrational energy rising to a higher speed.A friend of mine, Richard Levy, has a wonderful site – Thoughts Make You Wealthy -about how thoughts determine our lives. He sends out daily “Thought” notes as reminders to how we can fulfill our dreams and desires. He sent this wonderful message on Friday and this being our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I felt it important to share, with his blessing of course.

Thank you, Richard, for your important blessing today and everyday.



Regardless of your income, level of education, or circumstances, here is one of the easiest and yet most potent ways to succeed and become wealthy: constantly look for reasons to be grateful, then express your thanks to the Power-by whatever name you give it.


You’ve found or received unexpected money? Feel gratitude and express thankfulness to the Power! Be appreciative for having the money and sincerely thank the Power for bringing it to you. Repeat your expression of gratitude and thankfulness. Create an unending cycle of gratitude and thankfulness, and you will open yourself to more money.


You’ve solved an issue? Feel gratitude and express thankfulness to the Power! Be grateful for the solution and say thank-you to the Power for making everything work out. Repeat your words of gratitude and thanks.Create a never-ending cycle of thanksgiving, and you will open yourself to a more harmonious life.


The more you repeat to yourself what you are grateful and thankful for, the more success and prosperity you attract. You open this flow of abundance with your own thoughts.


Be truly appreciative of all good, of every size and in every form. Be conscious of every benefit you enjoy. Thank God, the universe, the Power, the Energy-whatever you wish to call it. Love and praise it. Whatever we thank and love, we nurture and grow.


You want to manifest wealth, health, success, happiness, and intimate relationships in your life. All day, every day, express your thanks to the Source of all that is good.


Thoughts Make You Wealthy. Wealth and success start with what you choose to think and talk about most of the day.

Prosperous thoughts,

Richard Levy


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