“I Choose To Be Free I Choose To Be Me”

My Review of the debut book by Dianne Coop,”I Chose To Be Free I Choose To Be Me”


8 is a magic number in Ms. Coop’s debut book called I Choose To Be Free I Choose To Be ME. You do not have to be a student or even a believer of the laws of the universe to understand, embrace and enjoy this fabulous book. Ms. Coop puts herself into this book so that it is not just another long-winded account of regurgitated information that we can find so easily today by just a click of a mouse. She personalizes the eight keys to increasing your vibrational harmony by sharing openly her own bumps in her life as well as “spotlighting” guests’ experiences and challenges with you. Each account of a personal situation describing how it has changed this particular person’s journey for the best is straight forward and inspiring to read. Each story touches on a miraculous experience that motivates the reader because at some level every reader can relate to the scenario. The mountains we climb are similar; it’s the stepping-stones to get to the top that are different.

Each of the eight keys are easy to read and understand and in the end of the book they connect perfectly to outline a complete program in which anyone can follow in their pursuit on strengthening their personal growth. This book is a wonderful tool for those just entering their person life’s journal to renewal and transformation and it is an excellent resource tool for coaches to use as a support reference in their own program with their clients.

Being an extreme quote junkie myself, I love her choice of quotes and how perfect they are placed throughout her book to emphasize her points and to re-enforce her keys.

Oh one more thing, don’t forget to download the workbook and witness how valuable the information in Ms. Coops’ book is as you apply the eight keys to your own life. This will be a journey you will definitely not have wanted to miss.


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