The Bridge Club by Patricia Sands

My unique review of a book about more then a game of cards…


When life throws you a deck of cards it is never really about the hand you’re dealt but how you wish to read the cards that counts most in our journey.


What an extraordinary book. From the first word till the last, Ms Sands carry you through the adventures of 8 fabulously wonderful women. These women have been together from the very beginning as bridge partners. They each have their own lives but once under the same roof with the cards dealt in front of them they become a group of friends so tightly entwined that they form their own world.


As I read each amazing story of the individual woman,s SOS, I felt I belonged to this group from the beginning. As each woman poured her heart and soul out to the group, I kept waiting for a call – “All for one and one for all!” Each bridge member’s lament is universal in nature. There isn’t a story that you can’t relate to in one-way or another; personally knowing someone you love who is or has struggled with the same challenge or just have heard it through the grapevine. Whatever way you relate to each woman’s story, you cannot help but feel compassion and empathy for each situation recalled. I laughed when they laughed, I cried with their tears and my heart ached in rhythm with the group.


Every member of the Bridge Club treats each story told, in its authenticity. Each woman steadfastly remains in her power, never straying from her convictions and beliefs when offering solace for the problem at hand. Every woman had the precious luxury of having 8 sets of shoulders to lean on and 16 hands to help lighten the load of each situation. Every woman in this world would be so lucky to grow old in their journey with such a marvelous support group. And if you are such a lucky lady to be part of a great group of friends, then give each one a gift of a lifetime – this book. They will love you for it.


Ms. Sands formulates her words in such a manner that you are ensconced right into the lives of each woman in the Bridge Club. You will enjoy discovering things out about these characters and yourself when you see how close you can relate to their challenges.


This is a brilliant book and you will adore it from word one till the end. But bring Kleenex, no matter whether you laugh or cry the tears will flow.


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